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Zo D'Axa

Zo D'Axa

French lampoonist, writer, founder of newspapers, propagandist of individualist anarchism. True name Alphonse Gallaud. Born in Paris May 24, 1864; died August 30, 1930.

Escaping the yoke from a middle-class family, Zo D' Axa joined the army at age 18, then realized his error & deserted -- accompanied by his captain's young lover! D' Axa took refuge in Brussels, & became a journalist. After stays in Switzerland & Italy, he returned to France with the amnesty of 1889.

In May 1891, he published the first number of the weekly magazine "L'En Dehors". Many anarchists contributed, but the paper was soon shut down with the suppression of the anarchists. After the arrest of Ravachol & companions, Zo D' Axa launched a subscription to help the families of the prisoners. For this he was arrested & tossed in prison in Mazas for a month. Released, he was still harrassed & opted for exile in London, then traveled in Europe. Expelled from Italy, he went to Greece, then Constantinople.

January 1, 1893, while disembarking in Jaffa He was seized & put in irons on a French ship & returned to Paris, where he ends up with another 18 months in prison. Upon his release he published his book De Mazas à Jérusalem, which was a big success.

In 1898 Zo D'Axa became involved in Dreyfus Affair, publishing "La Feuille," a lampoon illustrated by Steinlen, Luce, Willette, Paul Hermann & others. It's greatest success was the presentation of the ass named "No one" during elections which, collecting the blank or null votes, was declared elected by "La Feuille" after a memorable brawl in the streets of Paris between "partisans of the ass" & supporters of "law & order".

Eventually, however, Zo D'Axa left France to travel around the world, through China, the Americas & Africa, before finally resettling in Marseilles.

On August 30, 1930, Zo D'Axa committed suicide.

En guise de manifeste

«Nous allons individuels sans la foi qui sauve. Nos dégoûts de la société n'engendrent pas en nous d'immuables convictions. Nous nous battons pour la joie des batailles et sans rêve d'avenir meilleur. Que nous importent les lendemains qui seront dans des siècles ! Que nous importent les petits neveux ! C'est en dehors de toutes les lois, de toutes les règles, de toutes les théories - même anarchistes - c'est dés l'instant, dès tout de suite que nous voulons nous laissez aller à nos pitiés, à nos emportements, à nos douceurs, à nos rages, à nos instincts ; avec l'orgueil d'être nous-même.»

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