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Georges Conchon
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Georges Cochon (1879-1959)

Tapestry maker, anarchist & very popular secretary of the "Federation of Tenants" (ancestor of the DAL).
Born March 26, 1879 in Chartres, France; died April 25, 1959.

Having been evicted from vultureshis home once, Cochon declared war on "Mister Vulture" (the landlords). He help the evicted move, as well as take over unoccupied housing. He participated in besieging the "Row of Saint Polycarpe", designed to frighten the middle-class, & on April 12, 1913, Cochon & several thousand homeless invaded the town hall in Paris.

Cochon also proposed to house families in the church of Madeleine & he headed a demonstration of more than 15,000 people who "requisitioned" a barracks for 50 homeless families, as well as the private mansion of Rochefoucauld.

During WWI Cochon deserted & was sentenced to three years of public work.

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V'là Cochon qui déménage. Georges Cochon et le Syndicat des locataires (Doc. 85 Ko)

Page source, in French, see Ephéméride anarchiste

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