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Stuart Christie

Born July 10, 1946 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Scottish international revolutionary militant, publisher, & anarchist propagandist. Writer, translator, editor.

Christie joined the Anarchist Federation in Glasgow in 1962.

August 11, 1964, he was arrested with explosives under his kilt trying to cross into Spain to assassinate Franco. September 2, 1964, his accomplice, Fernando Carballo Blanco, was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment & Christie got 20.

Freed September 21, 1967 due to international protests, including those of a committee headed by Bertrand Russell.

In 1970, he & Albert Meltzer began the Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) in London & published "Black Flag" to provide aid & solidarity to anarchist victims of repression. Christie was under constant surveillance & harassment of the police, & blamed for the action of numerous guerrilla groups, such as the "First of May Group" — leading, in 1970 to 18 months in jail before charges of "conspiracy to cause explosion" failed, when he was cleared after a long trial in 1972.

Black Cross

Co-authored with Albert Meltzer The Floodgates of Anarchy (Kahn & Averill (1970); revised paperback issued in 1984), wrote The Investigative Researcher's Handbook, & an autobiography, The Christie File (published in Seattle by Partisan Press [1980], which consisted of Wayne Parker & Helene Ellenbogen — on an old press previously owned by BleedMeister, who provided minor printing assistance), & Stefano delle Chiaie, Portrait of a Black Terrorist. He has more recently written We, the Anarchists! A study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI) 1927-1937 (2000).

As a publisher Christie founded Cienfuegos Press (1972) & edited the "Cienfuegos Anarchist Review" (1977? - 82?), Refract Publications (1982) & The Meltzer Press (1996).

Stuart Christie arrested, flyer
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See International Institute of Social History Archives

Christie File reviewOnline text of THE FLOODGATES OF ANARCHY by Stuart Christie & Albert Meltzer

TELLEZ, Antonio. [Stuart Christie; Octavio Alberola] SABATE: Guerrilla Extraordinary. (London: Cienfuegos Press, 1974.) 183pp. 1st softcover edition, 8vo. Photos. Cover illustrated by Flavio Costantini. Translated by Stuart Christie. Short introductory piece, "Sabate in Perspective," by Octavio Alberola printed inside the covers & the rear cover.

In French, see Ephéméride anarchiste

Stuart Christie
Stuart Christie

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