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François-Charles Carpentier
French militant anarchist & combatant during the Spanish Revolution.
Born Reims 28 October 1904; died 21 March 1988.

During WWI François-Charles Carpentier, being in an occupied zone in January 1915, was sent to a camp in Germany with his father.

Only 10 years old, the Red Cross was able to repatriate him. He was employed in weaving workshops, then in mining.

In 1924, Carpentier went to Paris, working various small trades, & became involved with the anarchists publishing "le libertaire." He also became friends with Charles Ridel (Louis Mercier Vega) & in 1936 they left to join the Spanish Revolution, helping form "The International Group of the Durruti Column" which faced very heavy combat. Ridel returned to France to organize solidarity.

In May 1937, in Barcelona, Carpentier fought against the Communists who attempted to destroy the anarchists & Poumists. He returned to France a few months later without illusion as to the fate of the revolution.

With the coming of WWII he was mobilized in 1939, & his regiment encircled by the Germans, Carpentier managed to escape.

In 1943, Francois-Charles Carpentier worked with the "comité ouvrier de secours immédiat:"

"Pour moi il y a eu la famille et les copains, et l'anarchie. Voilà tout."

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