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Mucker (Stand on Zanzibar)


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A temporarily insane individual intent on killing or at least maiming anyone in reach. Mucking almost always occurs within heavily populated areas.

A mucker can easily slay dozens of bystanders on a city street before apprehension. When in a berserk state (or "frame of reference"), muckers are capable of superhuman strength and stamina.

Eyes will be fixed open and pupils dilated. Breathing is ragged and violent. Saliva may drool from a mucker's mouth. Everyday clothing may tear from abnormally contracted biceps or thigh muscles. (If the mucker is male, a full erection may be conspicuous.) The best defense from a mucker is not to be there when it happens.

Entomologically, the term "mucker" is almost certainly derived from "amok" and is not a variation of "mugger." Psychologically, the mucker phenomenon is directly related to overcrowding; precedents are found throughout history.

See Also: Phenomenon.

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