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Ettore Bonometti, (1872-1961)
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Ettore Bonometti, (1872-1961).
Italian anarchist militant.

Born in Brescia, December 22, 1872; died in Brescia, March 22, 1961.

Biographical/historical note :

Ettore Bonometti's lifelong involvement in the anarchist movement began in 1890. In March 1892 he was first sent to prison where to the delight of some & the consternation of certain authorities he regaled everyone with anarchist songs & his anti-monarchist views.

Apparently, however, he must have won over his jailors, as he again graced Italy's jails in August 1892, November 1893, February 1894, & April 1895.

Towards the end of 1895, tiring of the jailhouse grub, Bonometti sought shelter elsewhere, first in Switzerland, & then in England when he was expelled. Here, in London, he represented the "gruppo anarchico bresciano La Comune" at the Congress of the International Socialists which met on July 26, 1896.

Bonometti returned to Brescia, & was involved in the popular uprisings of 1898, only escaping arrest by again returning to England, where he stayed until 1912.

Then, again returning to Italy, he helped to found the anarcho-syndicalist trade union, Unione Syndicale Italiana (USI) & engaged in anti-militarist activities. These latter activities included involvement in the support movement for Augusto Masetti (imprisoned for defying his Colonel) & the solidarity campaign for the soldiers in Brindisi who had mutinied rather than participate in Italy's incursion into Albania.

In 1914, Bonometti continued his anti-war & anti-militarism activities during the famed "Settimana rossa" ("Red Week").

In July 1920 he participated in the founding of the U.A.I. (Italian Anarchist Union). Also during this year Errico Malatesta, who had come to Brescia for a congress, was being hounded by the police, who sought to arrest him for being a dangerous anarchist agitator, & Bonometti provided a hiding place for Malatesta in his home & then helped him escape their clutches.

Continuously persecuted for his political & anti-fascist activites Bonometti was soon forced to flee the country once again, repairing to England, from which he was expelled, then to France & Switzerland before slipping back into Italy, where he was arrested in Milan & imprisoned. Eventually released, but kept under "house arrest", & despite continuous harrassment by the police & the fascists, Bonometti's home became a meeting place for the underground anti-fascist movement & for recruiting young fighters for the partisan movement. In September 1945, following the war, Bonometti began helping in rebuilding the Bresciano anarchist movement.

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