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Eugène Bizeau

alt; Eugene BIZEAU

A vine-grower, pacifist, anarchist poet & songster, member of the "Muse Rouge" who fought for his ideals until his death at 105.
Born May 29, 1883, in Veretz (Indre & Loire); died April 17, 1989.

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Eugene Bizeau was born to a family of socialist vine growers & anticlericals. He discovered anarchism at an early age & began subscribing to anarchist publications at age 14. Quite naturally he began contributing his first poems, which were published in the newspaper "L'Anarchie" founded by Libertad.

Exempted from military service for health reasons in 1914, Bizeau continued his collaborations in the anarchist press, no less adamant in his denunciation of militarism & censorpship during the war & afterwards. In 1921 during the international campaign to save Sacco & Vanzetti, in "Le Libertaire" he exhorted:

"Il faut que notre voix, grondant vers l'Amérique , aille exiger pour eux justice et liberté"

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In 1929 & 1934 Bizeau's poems were put to music & recorded, & were even heard over the airwaves on Barcelona Radio during the Spanish Revolution.

Guerre ala guerre!

In 1980-81 Bernard Baissat released a moving film devoted to him, Ecoutez Eugène Bizeau.

Lutter contre le joug des maîtres de la terre
Masquant leur dictature en tapageurs discours;
Contre les trublions, les criminels de guerre,
Aigles noirs de haut vol et répugnants vautours...

       — excerpt from "Lutter," (1979)

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