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Antoine Bertrand (1877-1964)

French antimilitarist, member of the anarchist "Free Youth" group ("La jeunesse libre")& a union activist opposing the counter-revolutionary influence of reformists & Communists. Born March 16, 1877, in Corsica; died June 12, 1966.

Militant syndicalist, & participant of the Comité de défense sociale.

Card-indexed in the infamous with the Carnet B (police files kept on antiwar & radical activists)Notebook B, in 1916, after the discovery of leaflets antimilitarist in the room of his anarchist group. Dismissed from his job as an arsenal worker in Toulon because of this, he found himself mobilized.

Following WWI, Bertrand resumed his anarcho-syndicalist activities, vigorously opposing the reformists & the influence of the Communists in the labor movement.

In 1919, Antoine Bertrand was part of the committee seeking amnesty for the Black Sea mutineers.

Having lost his job for his activities previously, he was again fired, in May 1920, for striking, & was unable to get work again until after the amnesty of 1925.

Bertrand was a member of de l'Association Internationale Antimilitariste & also active in the group "Sebastien Faure," successor to the "Free Youths" group.

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