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Giliana Berneri; source:
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Giliana Berneri

Italian-French anarchist.

Biographical/historical notes:

Italy: Giliana Berneri lives October 5, in Florence. Second child of Camillo & Giovanna Berneri, sister of Marie Louise Berneri.

A family affair, antifascists & anarchists, the whole lot of them.

Giliana studied medicine in Paris, & specialized in pediatrics. Militant involved with the French anarchists with her companion Serge Senninger. Invovled in efforts to save Sacco & Vanzetti from state execution, she also participated in numerous initiatives & conferences with many intellectuals, such as Albert Camus, & collaborated on the newspaper "Le Libertaire".

Giliana Berneri was also involved in various campaigns, such as the laborious & complicated liberation of a companion, Ernesto Bonomini, from the concentration camp of Toulouse & his exile to the US. Giovanna Caleffi

Giliana dropped out of the movement in the 1950s, & eventually donated all the papers, documents & books from her father & her family, to Aurelio Chessa.

Giliana Berneri died in July 1998.

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