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Alex Berkman
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"Expelled again & again," Berkman once wrote.

"Must get off the earth, but am still here."


Alexander Berkman

Russian-born American anarchist. Lover of Emma Goldman, failed assassin, US deportee, & a suicide following Soviet heartbreaks & aching prostrate.

"Free thought, necessarily involving freedom of speech & press, I may tersely define thus:

no opinion a law no opinion a crime."

Alexander Berkman

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NYT clipping

"THE "Red Ark" will loom big in American history.

It is the first picturesque incident of the beginning effort of the War Millionaires to crush the soul of America & insure the safety of the dollars they have looted over the graves of Europe & through the deaths of the quarter million soldier boys whom American mothers now mourn..."

Robert Minor, excerpt from the introduction, Deportation, Its Meaning & Menace: Last Message to the People of America by Alexander Berkman & Emma Goldman, Ellis Island, New York, U.S.A., December, 1919.

"It must always be remembered & remembered well that revolution does not mean destruction only. It means destruction plus construction, with the greatest emphasis on the plus."

    Alexander Berkman, The Russian Tragedy (Berlin: Der Syndikalist, 1922), p. 16.

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