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Osvaldo Bayer

Osvaldo Bayer

Argentinian anarchist, writer, social critic, historian.

Osvaldo Bayer was born in Santa Fé in 1927. He studied History in the University of Hamburg from 1952 to 1956. Returned to Argentina, dedicating himself to the media, to historical investigation & cinematographic scripts. He worked in the daily Graphical News, the patagónico Esquel & Bugler, of which he was writing secretary, & in diverse magazines.

He was Secretary General of the Union of Press from 1959 to 1962. His book the Rebellious Patagonia & the film of the same name were persecuted & he had to leave the country in 1975.

Bayer lived in exile, in Berlin, until his return to Buenos Aires, in 1983.

At the moment Osvaldo Bayer collaborates on Página/12 & has published the following books: Severino Di Giovanni, the idealist of violencia (1970); The Rebellious Patagonia (the avengers of the tragic Patagonia, 1972-76 four volumes); The expropriating anarchists (1974); Radowitzky, martyr or assassin? (1974); The Rosales, an Argentine tragedy (1974); Exile (1984, in collaboration with Juan Gelman). Films include: La Maffia (1972); The Rebellious Patagonia (1974); Everything is absence (1983); Group of forty: exile and return (1984); Juan, as if nothing had happened (1986); The friend (1989); America Love (1989); Elizabeth (1990); The vindicador (1991) & Military Pantheon (1992).

Osvaldo Bayer   

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