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German-born American anarchist.

Biographical/historical notes:

Bauer, Henry.

Bauer was born in Grentel (Allemagne). He immigrated to the United States in 1880, and settled in Pittsburgh, where he took part in the movement for an eight-hour workday.

Bauer was drawn to anarchism in response to the Haymarket trial and executions.

Alexander Berkman stayed with Bauer and Carl Nold in Pittsburgh before his attempted assassination of Henry Clay Frick. With Nold, Bauer was sentenced to five years, and served four, in prison on two charges: incitement to riot (stemming from their distribution of a handbill addressed to striking Homestead workers on 8 July); and conspiracy (with Berkman) to commit murder. Bauer was also charged $50 and sixty days in county jail for contempt of court when he refused to name the other men involved in distributing the leaflets (one of whom was Max Metzkow).

Bauer corresponded with Alexander Berkman through the journal Prison Blossoms, created within the walls of the Western Penitentiary in Pennsylvania.

After his release, Bauer served as secretary of the Berkman Defense Committee. Settling in Pittsburgh, he became western Pennsylvania's distributor of English- and German-language anarchist books, pamphlets and newspapers, including Firebrand, Free Society and Freiheit. He contributed to Freedom (in 1892 on the consequences of the Frick shooting) and to Free Society (25 December 1898) a re-print of an interview with him first published in the Pittsburgh Leader, "Can Anarchism Be Killed?"

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This text with minor modifications, from EMMA GOLDMAN: A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN YEARS, 1890-1901 (University of California Press, 2003), & we encourage you to visit their extensive Emma Goldman Papers project,

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