IWW Bibliography

This bibliography is rather concentrated on the 1919-20 period, and IWW in this period of time, but some of the sources have more information on the IWW in general.

Primary Sources Concerning the Red Scare and the IWW:

- Files of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Department of Justice, the Pardon Attorney Office, the Adjutant General, and the Post Office Department.

- Hearings on Strike at Lawrence, Massachusetts, House Document No.671, 62d Congress, 2d Session.

- A Report on the Lawrence, Massachusetts Strike, Senate Document No.870, 62d Congress, 2d Session.

- Industrial Workers of the World, Constitution and By-Laws, 1905, 1912.

Papers and Periodicals:

- General Defense Bulletin, (IWW), 1920.
- Industrial Worker, (IWW), 1910-1921.
- Rebel Worker, (IWW), 1918.
- Solidarity, (IWW), 1920-1921.


Brissenden, Paul F., The IWW, A Study of American Syndicalism, Columbia University Press, New York, 1920.

Magazine Article(s):

McMahon, Theresa S., "Centralia and the IWW", Survey, November 29, 1919.

Secondary Sources

- Blum, John M., "Nativism, Anti-Radicalism, and the Foreign Scare, 1917-29", Midwest Journal, III Winter 1950-51.

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