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Antoine Antignac

French anarchist & propagandist.
Born on April 15, 1864 in Corrèze; died June 8, 1930.

Born in a poor family, Antignac worked many small trades, then joined Bourses du Travail (founded by the anarchist-syndicalist Fernand Pelloutier). He was a good speaker & appeared at many conferences, particularly in the Bordeaux area where he settled.

In 1925 he began managing a bookstore, & became a member of the UACR (Union Anarchiste Communiste Révolutionnaire), but left the organization two years later (because it resembled too much a political party) to take part with Sebastien Faure in the L'Association des Fédérations Anarchistes.

Antoine Antignac also wrote for "La révolte" au "Libertaire", puis à "La voix libertaire", & other anarchist publications.

In French, see Ephéméride anarchiste, &

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