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International Anarchist Congress

Amsterdam August 24-31, 1907


Netherlands: International Anarchist Congress openly held at Amsterdam (Aug. 24-31, 1907), leading to the formation of the Internationale Anarchiste.

Preliminary events are held on the first two days, with a reception held on August 24 & meetings on August 25. The first full formal working sessions begin on the 26th.

Among the better-known participants are Max Baginsky, Siegfried Nacht, R. Friedeberg , Alexander Schapiro, F. Domela Nieuwenhuis, Christian Cornélissen, Henri Beylie, & Pierre Monatte, Emma Goldman, Luigi Fabbri, Biófilo Panclasta, Pierre Ramus, Rudolf Rocker, Karl Walter, Émile Chapelier, Ceccarelli, & Benoit Broutchoux.

Both in the congress & in the organization Errico Malatesta took a prominent part, & the published debates show him at his best, upholding uncompromising revolutionary anarchism against all side issues.

Errico Malatesta was one of the members of the International Bureau. The circulars of the Bureau & other statements, etc., note the progress of this Association, which was rather slow. It would have been revived in one form or another at the congress, proposing to meet in London, August, 1914, which the war beginning that same month made of course impossible. Only in December, 1921, an international congress was held at Berlin; Malatesta could not be present.

Max Nettlau

Nederlands: Amsterdam, del 26 al 31. 1er. Congrés Internacional Anarquista / International Anarchist Congress

Held at Plancius Hall, attended by 300 delegates. This congress is variously reported as occurring on the 25th & 26 (Preliminary events were held on the 24th (a reception) & the 25th, with the actual formal sessions beginning the 26th):

  • August 25-30, Emma Goldman Project Chronology;
  • Karl Walter, a delegate, "The International Anarchist Congress, held at the Plancius Hall, Amsterdam, on August 26-31, 1907," printed in Freedom (London, 1907) & reprinted separately
  • Good introduction/overview of the Amsterdam Congress,
  • The International Anarchist Congress, Amsterdam 1907, English translation of the detailed records of the International Anarchist Congress by Maurizio Antonioli (Translated by Nestor McNab)
  • «Anarchisme & syndicalisme: le congrès anarchiste international d'Amsterdam (1907)» Dans l'histoire de l'anarchisme, le congrès d'Amsterdam (24-31 août 1907);
  • Les anarchistes réunis à Amsterdam du 26 au 31 août 1907
  • Le 31 août 1907, à Amsterdam (Pays-bas), dernière séance du "Congrès Anarchiste International" (qui se déroulait depuis le 24 août)

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