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// -- Diego Abad de Santillán, anarquista

Diego Abad de Santillán
Pseudonym of Sinesio García Hernández; born in Reyero, Spain 1897, died in Barcelona 1983

Diego Abad de Santillán was an author, editor & one of the leading figures of the Spanish & Argentinian anarchist movement. During the Spanish Revolution he & Juan Garcia Oliver were ministers in the government of the Catalan Generalitat.

Biographical/historical note:

Raised in Argentina; studied in Madrid; imprisoned after the general strike of 1917; returned to Argentina in 1918; active in the anarcho-syndicalist Federación Obrera Regional Argentina (FORA) & editor of its newspaper "La Protesta."

Representative of the FORA during the formation of the International Working Men's Association (IWMA) in Berlin 1922.; went to Mexico to assist the Confederación General de Trabajadores (CGT) & then back to Argentina; expelled from Argentina, he returned to Spain in 1931 & became an active member of the Federación Anarquista Ibérica (FAI); editor of "Tierra y Libertad" & "Tiempos Nuevos" 1935-1936; secretary of the FAI in 1935; after July 19, 1936 he organized as a member of the Comité de Milicias Antifascistas the militias in Catalonia; Minister of Economy of Catalonia.

Returned to Argentina in 1939 & resumed his scholarly career; from 1977 back in Spain

Text source: International Institute of Social History Archives, whose contents include:

Correspondence, mostly letters received as an IWMA official from organizations & individuals in Spain (Manuel Buenacasa & others), Argentina (Emilio López Arango & others), Mexico (Nicolás T. Bernal, Enrique Flores Magón & others) & other European & Latin-American countries; reports & other documents sent to the IWMA; notes on the anarchist movement etc.; personal documents; typescript by Augustin Souchy on Gustav Landauer; press clippings.

Period 1940-1982: correspondence with Nicolás Bernal, Fidel Miró, Juan Molina, Helmut Rüdiger & others & with organizations (CNT, FORA, IWMA etc.); file relating to the ‘Gran Enciclopedia Argentina'; manuscripts, including a copy of his manuscript on Ricardo Flores Magón & the Mexican revolution, ‘Ideas y suggestiones para una nueva estrategía revolutionaria' & ‘Delincuencia política' (unpublished); manuscripts by Max Nettlau & others; documents & printed material on the exile movement.
(International Institute of Social History)

Select bibliography: Abad de Santillán is the author of El organismo económico de la revolución (1937) & many other books & articles.

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