Nixon's Basement Tapes

Newly released White House recordings tell
a terrible tale of presidential abuse of power.

by Jon Elliston
Dossier Editor

The reign of Richard Milhouse Nixon is widely regarded as a one of the most scandal-drenched episodes in modern politics, due to the abuses of presidential power collectively known as Watergate. Thought you'd heard it all about Nixon's dark side? Think again. Three years after his death, the man they called "Tricky Dick" is back in the headlines, as newly released audio tapes from the Nixon White House reveal far greater misdeeds than were previously known. The tapes, in the words of famed Watergate reporter Bob Woodward, are "the gift that keeps on giving" -- a goldmine of data on Nixon's secret plans to spy on and smear his political opponents, a revealing portrait of a president who was at war with the world.

In April 1996, the U.S. National Archives announced that after years of legal haggling between Nixon's lawyers and the government's record keepers, some of the 3,700 hours of unreleased tapes, recorded by hidden White House microphones, would soon be made available. The following November, 201 hours of tapes dealing with "abuses of governmental power" were placed on the public record. The tapes catalogue astounding illegal acts that were ordered by President Nixon, further tarnishing his historical standing and adding crucial details to many little understood events. Dossier has sifted through the new Nixon dirt and assembled the following briefing on the most shocking of the new revelations.

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1: Wanted -- "A Ruthless Son-of-a-Bitch" at IRS
2: More Break-ins Plotted
3: "Big Brother in the White House"
4: "Get Me the Names of the Jews"
5: The Drunken Decline
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