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August 29

 Vevey, Switzerland: SWISS WINEGROWERS' FETE, a revival of the Roman Festival of Ceres, Goddess of the Earth, complete with Ceres, Pales, Bacchus, Old Silenus, satyrs & fauns -- & Swiss yodelers.

"Vevey is in Switzerland, on the coast of Lake Leman (or for the tourists Lake of Geneva).

Famous people living in Vevey were Charlie Chaplin who died there actually.

Small town. La Fete des Vignerons as it's called, happen every 25 years and is indeed supposed to be a reminiscence of the Pagan Feste. All participants are people from the Area who do it for the beauty of the thing, pay their own costumes and it's has been rumors that a libertine spirit is alive between the 5'000 people participating. Today however it's a massive conservatives show for 16'000 people per night during a month.

Probably reason why 2 friends of mine Carlos & Toto, real adepts of Bacchus, Mary Jeanne and other mind altering suspense and without doubt under heavy influence of the mentionned Gods, did jump in their underwear in the middle of the arena and run after the cows during the famous song Le Ranz des Vaches, to protest again the lost spirit of this fest. This resulted, under the eyes of 16'000 people, of a chase between running cows and the police and the 2 guys. One of them is the most successful swiss hip hop artist. So much for Pagan Celebration."

Voila, have a nice day.

From: ghost
Mon, 30 Aug 1999



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