Anarchism in Mexico History & Current Events


Infoshops, Bookshops and Community Centres




MJxico D.F. 

Amor y Rabia
Apartado Postal 11-351
C.P. 06101 
MJxico D.F. 
Revolutionary anarchists. Publish monthly paper. Also for Mujeres Libertarias "Emma Goldman" (anarcha-feminist group) and Ateneo Libertario Praxedis Guerrero community space {L&R 3/94}

Brigada Subversiva
Apdo. 12-18
CP 03020
MJxico D.F.
Libertarian punks {L&R 2/93}

Colectivo Cambio Radical
Apdo. Postal 13-517
C.P. 03501 MJxico D.F. 
Libertarian punks {7/93}

Comite Mexicano Contra el Apartheid
c/o Federico Campbell
Cerrada del Convento 45
MJxico D.F. 14420 {7/93}

Ediciones Antorcha
Apdo. 12-818
CP 03020 MJxico, DF 
Anarchist book publishers {7/93}

Madero 67-611
MJxico D.F. 06000
Indian publication, involved in the First International Meeting of the Indian Press in Mexico city 4/92. {SAIIC 10/92}

Federacion Nacional de Mujeres Insurgentes
Cerrada Monte Camerum 62-10
Loma de Chapultepec
MJxico D.F. 06170 {TWR 10/93}

Frente Autentico de Trabajo
Godard #20
MJxico, D.F.
Tel: +52-5-556-0642
or   +52-5-556-9375
or   +52-5-556-9314
Mexico's most left-wing union federation {93}

Apartado Postal 96-059
Central Camionera
del Norte CP
07771 MJxico D.F.
Libertarian cultural paper {11/93}