Anarchism in Chile
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Four articles on the Chilean Workers Movement
               at the Stan Iverson Anarchist Archives
         Note: These articles appeared in No Middle Ground: Anti-Authoritarian
                Perspectives on Latin America and the Caribbean (No. 2 Fall, 1983).
                They give a lot of information about the role of ordinary people in
                opposition to both the plans of the authoritarian state-reformers and the
                brutal national and multi-national civilian/military elites.

                 1) Strange Defeat: The Chilean Revolution, 1973 by Pointblank!
                 2) Ten Years After
                 3) Dictatorship on Shaky Grounds
                 4) Chronology of the Chilean workers' movement
                    by Coordinadora Lihertaria Latino-Americana

Four articles at the Anarchy Arhives

                1) Anarchism in Chile
                3) Anarchism in South America
                4) El anarquismo en Chile

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    Congreso de Unificación Anarco-Comunista (CUAC)
    Two of a number of articles from CUAC:
    The position of the anarchists towards Pinochet's case
    El anarquismo en Chile

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