Anarchism in Argentina


The Uniqueness of Anarchism in Argentina - Yaacov Oved

Anarchism in Argentina

Resistencia Libertaria: Anarchist Opposition
to the Last Argentine Dictatorship (Interview by Chuck Morse)

"The Argentinian Anarchist Movement,"

In Spanish, "El movimiento anarquista argentino..."

"Anarchism and the Argentine Labor Movement: Two New Studies",

Argentinian Anarchism, a Timeline from the Daily Bleed Calendar

La protesta; source

Violent repression against the anarchist movement earlier had led to the police attacking "La Protesta"'s offices & destroying its printing equipment. The paper reappeared in January 1910, is again ransacked & set on fire, forcing it to go underground for a period.

Some historical figures in Argentine history:

Errico Malatesta
Osvaldo Bayer
Simón Radowitzky (Szymon Radowicki)
Kurt Wilckens
Fortunato Serantoni
Ettore Mattei
Albert Perrier (or Perier), aka Germinal
Pietro Gori
Gaston Leval
Hanns-Erich Kaminski
Frank Brand (aka Enrico Arrigoni)
Juan Antonio Moran
Francisco Ascaso, Buenaventura Durruti & Gregorio Jover
Manuel Rojas Sepulveda
Salvador Planas y Virella
Severino Di Giovanni
Miguel Giménez Igualada


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