The Spanish Revolution, 1936-1939

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Materials added (August 2006)
to the Charlatan Stew Collection:
   What is Anarchy (1882) by José Llunas Pujols
   The Sexual Revolution (1934) by Felix Marti Ibanez
   The Question of Feminism (1935) by Lucia Sanchez Saornil
   The CNT: Resolutions from the Zaragoza Congress (1936)
   The Libertarian Revolution (1936) by Diego Abad de Santillan
   Libertarian Democracy by Gaston Leval
   The CNT-FAI, the State and Government (1938) by Albert Jensen
   A Return to Principle (1938) by Diego Abad de Santillan

Birth of the FAI - Edgar Rodrigues
Collectives in the Spanish Revolution - Gaston Leval
     Some conclusions on the Spanish Collectives - Gaston Leval
    The Collectives in Aragon - Gaston Leval & others
French Anarchist Volunteers in Spain, 1936-39 - David Berry
Homage to Catalonia - George Orwell
Lessons of the Spanish Revolution - Vernon Richards
May Days in Barcelona - Augustin Souchy et al.
Mujeres Libres - Aileen O'Carroll
Self-Management & the Spanish Revolution, 1936 ~ 37 - Point Blank
The Spanish Civil War: Anarchism in Action - Eddie Conlon, WSM
A Study of the Revolution in Spain - Stuart Christie
Towards a Fresh Revolution - The Friends of Durruti*
The Tragedy of Spain - Rudolf Rocker
Workers' Power & the Spanish Revolution  - Tom Wetzel
The Barcelona May Days of 1937  - "Revolutionary Perspectives" #42 (Left Communist critique) added July 2007

Materials on Buenaventura Durruti, his Iron Column & the Durruti Brigades:
Buenaventura Durruti page in the Anarchist Encyclopedia
The 'Friends of Durruti' & the 'Peoples Friend' - 'Friends of Durruti'
Durruti Documents
Buenaventura Durruti - Peter Newell
Anarchist Brigades -
Durruti Is Dead, Yet Living - Emma Goldman
Getting to Know Durruti - Colectivo Plum(A) & the Venezuelan anarchists
Durruti & the Durruti Column - Anarchist Encyclopedia entry

Anarchist Organization: The History of the F.A.I. -Juan Gomez Casas
The Anarchist Collectives - Sam Dolgoff (ed.)
Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution - Jose Peirats
Appendix to Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution - Jose Peirats
The Anarchists of Casas Viejas - Jerome R. Mintz
     [Mintz corrects Hobsbawm's error on the Seisdedo story, wrongly believed by
      most subsequent writers.]
Blood of Spain - Ronald Fraser
Durruti, the People Armed -Abel Paz
Free Women of Spain - Martha Ackelsberg
A New World in Our Hearts - Albert Meltzer (ed.)
Objectivity and Liberal Scholarship - Noam Chomsky
The Revolution and the Civil War in Spain - Pierre Broue & Emile Temime
Spain: Social Revolution, Counter Revolution - selections from "Spain & the World"
The Spanish Labyrinth - Gerald Brenan
The Spanish AnarchistsMurray Bookchin
The Spanish Revolution: The Left & the Struggle for Power during the Civil War - Burnett Bolloten
      [expanded version of The Grand Camouflage]
To Remember Spain: The Anarchist & Syndicalist RevolutionMurray Bookchin
Trapped in Spain - Carlota O'Neill
Vision on Fire: Emma Goldman on the Spanish Revolution - David Porter (ed.)
We, The Anarchists", a study of the FAI, 1927-1931 - Stuart Christie
Women in the Spanish Revolution  - Liz Willis

Shabby Books:
Gabriel Jackson's The Spanish Republic & Civil War, 1931-1939
Hugh Thomas's The Spanish Civil War

Both books are found badly wanting by Vernon Richards [Anarchy, No. 5, 1961],
Murray Bookchin, & by Noam Chomsky [extensive criticism in "Objectivity &
Liberal Scholarship," in American Power and the New Mandarins, 1969; also issued as a separate book].

Related resource is the Historical Encyclopaedia of Spanish Anarchism by Miguel I˝iguez, a large collection
excerpted, translated & published online, in English, online by Christie Books.

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