Haymarket Remembered ...An Anarchist Convention

Original Anticopyright 1987. No permission for anything needed.

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction
    or "Will I get credit for this?"

  2. Planning
    or "Who cares about SHIMO anyway?"

  3. First Impressions
    or "I had never been to Chicago either"

  4. May Day
    or "RCP goes back to the masses"

  5. Workshops
    or "Oh shit, that was a hot one!"

  6. @ Demo
    or "Smash the state and have a nice day"

  7. Jail and Bail
    or "Nobody fucks with my flag"

  8. Banquet
    or "To beef or not to beef"

  9. Cemetary
    or "Mass atonement ceremony"

  10. Bail Fund Controversy
    or "Money, as it always does, created hard feelings"

  11. Final Impressions
    or "Easy for me to say since I didn't help organize any of it"

Published in Seattle, this book is the chronicle of the Haymarket '86 Anarchist Gathering in Chicago, an international conference (1-4 May 1986) to celebrate the centennial of the Haymarket Massacre in 1886.
Members of the Seattle @'s Haymarket Remembered Project entrusted me with some dusty old floppy disks, which I converted and now present with pride in their original form. - Briano

Some corrections were made and the style was changed. I hope this is OK with Brian Krueger who did the original transcripting but I haven't been able to ask him. I believe that he is in Prague at this moment.

- Oshan Cook <>

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Updated: 15 January 97