"And you, are you so forgetful of your past, is there no echo in your soul of
your poets' songs, your dreamers' dreams, your rebels' calls?" - Emma Goldman

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History Calendar:

Jan 1895 — Pietro Gori arrested, along with 17 other Italians & expelled from
Switzerland. While in jail he writes his famous song, “Addio Lugano Bella”.

Jan 19, 1808 —  American utopian, individualist anarchist Lysander Spooner lives.
Jan 19, 1865French  Pierre-Joseph Proudhon dies 
Aug 20, 1934 - Fredy Perlman, lives (1934-1985), Brno, Czechoslovakia. Printer, organizer,
scholar, dramatist, musician, gardener, translator, social theorist, novelist & anti-authoritarian activist.

Dec 9, 1842 — Birthday Boy: Peter Kropotkin
Dec 18, 1939 - Birthday: Michael Moorcock, Nebula award-winning science fiction author, anarchist militant.

From the Daily Bleed Calendar [today in full]: Today in History
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Recent updates: Articles in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Revolution
New: The Poetry of Voltarine DeCleyre
DeCleyre quote on Liberty

BURN!  attacked by UCSD censors again in Sept. 
Administration orders them to
remove all links to the FARC-EP site  &
threatens them & their collective members 

Current Issues:

>>Anarchists & the Anti-War Movement 

>> Paul Goodman on Anti-War film
Most “radical media” efforts remain ineffective or even 
unwittingly counterproductive. Goodman’s keen insights 
into both psychological & “aesthetic” factors help to show why
this is so, & what might be done differently.

>>Interview With Noam Chomsky about US Warplans in Iraq

>>Notes & Information on Anarchist Opposition to War
Translations & Summaries by Charlatan Stew

"In all wars the object is to protect or to seize money, property & power, & there will always be  wars so long as Capital rules & oppresses people." 

                     —  Ernst Friedrich, War Against War (1924) 

Quote for the Month: from Michael Bakunin, Letters on Patriotism, 1869. 
Many more from the Stan Iverson Archives! Quotes from the Anarchists

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