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Raunchy Seattle martyr of underculture pleasures & anarchist desperation.

  I grow like a plant
without remorse & without stupidity
toward the hours loosened from the day
pure & secure as a plant
without crucifixion
toward the hours loosened from night

— A. Césaire

wto protesters gassed; source
Welcome to Seattle! "Mad Rivers of People," as one news headline has it.

[12- 16 -1773] -- No WTO? Boston Tea Party celebration, Boston, Massachusetts — blatant terrorism & violation of property rights.

Glorifies the destruction of property by vandals — & inspire "Eugene anarchists" during WTO protests in Seattle 1999.

[6- 30 -1852] -- Duwamish tribe "awarded" $62,000 for the taking of their aboriginal lands, including the present-day site of the city of Seattle.

[1- 26 -1856] -- The Battle of Seattle. Leschi, chief of the Nisqually & Yakama Indians, leads 1,000 warriors in an attack on the town of Seattle. The attack is repulsed by naval forces in the harbor when sloop Decatur by firing its cannons. (Leschi later gets the well-manicured Leschi Park dedicated in his honor.)

[2- 19 -1858] -- Leschi, chief of the Nisqually & Yakama, is hanged for leading attack on Seattle territory.

Native American Leschi hanged for his role in the Indian Wars of 1855-56. His belief that reservations were first step to annihilation led him to encourage an uprising by Coastal tribes in the Puget Sound region surrounding Seattle. See Della Gould Emmons sympathetic novelization, Leschi of the Nisquallies (Dennison, 1965).

Ralph Chaplin Centralia Conspiracy cover

[8- 2 -1875] -- George Vanderveer lives. Attorney for the Centralia Wobs (IWW) & the Chicago 101.

One of the few lawyers in Seattle, willing to represent members of the Industrial Workers of the World during WWI & after. He represented the defendants in the Everett & Centralia massacres, as well as workers & labor unions during & after the Seattle General Strike of 1919.

[11- 24 -1885] -- Anna Louise Strong lives, Seattle (?) commie, labor activist, author. (or 22nd? two labor calendars cite today)

[2- 7 -1886] -- Seattle mob rounds up Chinese residents Over 400 ethnic Chinese are driven from their homes in Seattle, Washington Territory. A federal state of emergency is declared February 9 & Federal troops are called in to restore order.
Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Cleveland declares a state of emergency in Seattle because of anti-Chinese violence.

[6- 12 -1886] -- The Stevedores, Longshoremen & Riggers Union of Seattle is organized.

[1- 10 -1887] -- Poet Robinson Jeffers lives, Pittsburgh (or Allegheny), Pennsylvania.

Lived for some years in a house just a couple blocks south of Recollection Books in Seattle. His works combined themes from ancient tragedies, Old Testament, & the legend of Christ with dark views & absurdities of modern life.

Jeffers calls for a poetry of 'dangerous images' to 'reclaim substance & sense, & psychological reality.'

[6- 6 -1889] -- Great Fire in Seattle destroys 25 downtown blocks.

[12- 11 -1890] -- Mark Tobey, artist, lives (1890-1976) — celebrator of Pike Street Market (where the anarchist Left Bank Books is located) & other things Seattleian.

[2- 10 -1896] -- Home Colony Co-Operative (Mutual Home Association) founded on Van Geldern Cove near Seattle & Tacoma, Washington.

The Home Colony was a peculiar combination of communism & anarchism, organized by a group who had already been in the Glennis Co-operative Industrial Company, a Bellamy colony. It was quite as successful as the others of its time. Private homesites were limited to two acres. Members were carefully chosen. There were about 150 members. Great stress was laid on individual liberty & non-resistance. There was a high degree of mutuality, though more unorganized & undirected than in any other colony. There seems to have been less internal friction here than in most colonies. Financial troubles led to disbanding after about 10 years.

See the Stan Iverson Archives,

[12- 30 -1896] -- Philippines: Novelist & poet José Rizal executed.

A militant reformist, his novel El Filibusterismo led to his being tried by the military & executed today. His death was a catalyst in the Philippine Revolution. Countless towns, streets, monuments & numerous parks around the world are named in his honor (including a 9-acre park in Seattle). Today is now an official Philippines holiday.

[11- 1 -1897] -- Brotherhood of the Cooperative Commonwealth, called Equality Colony, founded (now Blanchard, Washington.)
By 1900, 500 people had planted crops & built cabins, apartment houses, barns, & a sawmill at their new colony of Equality, Washington, north of Seattle & Everett, near the Skagit River.

[5- 20 -1899] -- Emma Goldman arrives in Tacoma, Washington, where she participates in a debate on "Socialism versus Anarchism."

A group of spiritualists lend her use of their temple free of charge for a series of lectures, but when she proposes to lecture on "Free Love," they deny her the use of the hall. She delivers two well-attended lectures in Seattle.

[5- 23 -1899] -- Red Hot Pepper! Red Emma Goldman, anarchist feministEmma Goldman, on or about today, delivers two well-attended lectures in Seattle, following a debate on "Socialism vs. Anarchism" in Tacoma, Washington on the 20th (offered free use of a hall there, but after proposing to lecture on "Free Love," the offer is retracted.)

From here Emma visits the anarchist colony at Lakebay, Washington, before going to Oregon to lecture.

[10- 18 -1899] -- A 15-m totem pole is dedicated in Pioneer Square. It was stolen from an Indian graveyard in Alaska.

[1- 12 -1900] -- Freeland utopian colony founded at Holmes Harbor, Whidby Island, Island County, north of Seattle.

[1- 26 -1903] -- Garment workers local 17 forms in Seattle.

[6- 2 -1907] -- June 2-16: Buoyed by the success of her speaking engagements — "the first tour of any consequence I have made since 1898" — Emma Goldman travels to Portland, Tacoma, Home Colony, Wa., Seattle, & Calgary, Canada.

[12- 13 -1908] -- FLAG WAVER Seattle police take Emma Goldman into custody after the lock on a closed hall is broken to allow Emma entry to speak; she is released when she promises to leave the city. Freedom is so grand...sometimes you actually have the freedom to leave.

[12- 14 -1908] -- After being booted from the city of Seattle yesterday, Emma Goldman protests actions of the police authorities in Everett, Washington, who prevent her from speaking on the claim that vigilantes will harm her.

The attempted exercise in free speech remains a farce until she reaches Canada. Emma & Dr. Ben Reitman are arrested in Bellingham, Washington in anticipation of her scheduled lecture.

On the 15th Emma is released from jail & placed on board a train bound for Canada. Following lectures in Vancouver, she lectures in Portland & conducts two debates — one with Democrat John Barnhill, the other with socialist Walter Thomas Mills.

[5- 24 -1910] -- Emma Goldman begins lecture tour, visits San Diego, Portland, Seattle, & Spokane.

[10- 1 -1910] -- Emma Goldman, anarchistCanada: Subscribers denied receipt of materials from the anarchist Mother Earth Books in NY, by order of Canadian authorities, because of their "treasonable nature." [BleedMeister & treasonous friends — Stan Iverson, Joy Cameron, Charlie Knox, Paula Silverman, & others — in Seattle began an anarchist bookstore in the University District of the same name, around 1970, in honor of the fine tradition begun by Emma Goldman].

[5- 8 -1912] -- Canada: George Woodcock lives, Winnipeg.
Daily Bleed Saint May 12, 2008
Canadian anarchist, historian, educator.
Active in anarchist politics in the 1930s when his family returned to England from Canada to escape poverty. He was educated in England, where he worked in railway administration & as a farmer, free-lance writer, & editor. For a long period he was editor of the anti-war paper, "War Commentary" & the anarchist newspaper, "Freedom". Taught at the University of Washington...

[6- 9 -1912] -- Emma Goldman's lecture series (June 9-20) in Seattle, is threatened by US military veterans who, always ready to do combat to protect freedom of speech, protest the her right to speak.

The Mayor, slightly more liberal, orders a large police contingent to monitor, rather than bar, her lectures. Emma speaks in public in defiance of an anonymous death threat; no attempts made on her life.

[6- 21 -1912] -- Mary McCarthy lives (1912-1989), Seattle. American writer/theater critic, noted for satirical commentaries on marriage, intellectuals, & the role of women. From 1937 to 1956 she was a theatre critic for the Partisan Review,, wrote the novel The Group.

[3- 27 -1912] -- Canada: Unable to further tolerate the unbearable living conditions in the Canadian Northern Railway work camps, the 8,000 "dynos & dirthands" walk out.

"Are you eye wobble wobble?"

anarchist diamond dingbat; new entry, remove 2008

The strike extended over 400 miles of territory, but the IWW established a "1,000-mile picket line" as Wobs picketed employment offices in Vancouver, Seattle, Tacoma, San Francisco, & Minneapolis to halt recruitment of scabs. August, 1912 they were joined by 3,000 construction workers on the Grand Trunk Pacific in BC & Alberta.

(According to legend) CN strike also spawned the nickname "Wobbly." A Chinese restaurant keeper who fed strikers reputedly mispronounced "IWW" in asking customers "Are you eye wobble wobble?" & the name stuck.

"Scab on the job"

"Scab on the job" tactic is created, by sending convert Wobs into scab camps to bring the workers out on strike.

Source: A Brief History of the IWW outside the US (1905-1999) by Morgan Miller

[7- 18 -1913] -- Seattle IWW Hall, after being ransacked, books burned; source seattlehistory.orgBook burning in Seattle, as sailors destroy the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) union hall, busting windows & burning the books they found there.

These fine guardians of freedom, liberty & the American Way also ransack the Socialist Party headquarters.

[7- 17 -1913] -- Potlatch Riots. The incident feeds fears, inflamed by Alden Blethen, publisher of the "Seattle Times," who hated free speech & feared "radical elements." Blethen was highly critical of liberal Mayor Cotterill for allowing IWW labor organizers & "anarchist" street speakers to hold forth in downtown Seattle. Blethen's red-baiting led to further violence, as soldiers & sailors ransacked IWW & Socialist headquarters. The precipitous riots — attempts to suppress free speech & labor organizers — is an unsettling precursor & preview of the post-World War I nationwide Red Scare.

See "George Cotterill, Hiram Gill & the Potlatch Riots " by Murray Morgan.

[8- 3 -1914] -- Emma Goldman reports that her lectures in Seattle, July 26-August 3, are "flat & uninteresting."

[7- 20 -1917] -- IWW Class War Picnic in Seattle. Yum-Yum-Yummy. Eat the Rich!

[12- 21 -1917] -- The Russian warship "Shilka" unexpectedly stops at Seattle, causing consternation.

[8- 15 -1918] -- Librado Rivera et Ricardo Flores Magón sont condamnés à quinze et vingt ans de prison pour avoir publié le 16 mars 1918, dans le journal "Regeneración" le manifeste "Aux anarchistes du monde et aux travailleurs en général." Ils seront conduits au pénitencier de McNeil Island near Seattle.
Further details/ context, click here; anarquista, anarquismo, anarquistas, anarquía, anarchy, libertarian[Details / context]

[2- 4 -1919] -- The "Seattle Union Record" publishes Anna Louise Strong's General Strike editorial.
See Harvey O'Connor's Revolution in Seattle (Monthly Review Press, 1964; reprinted by Left Bank Books, 1980?, with new introduction by David Brown [yours truly, Auntie Dave]).

[2- 6 -1919] -- Seattle General Strike begins, 10am. Shipyard strike of 32,000 workers sparks General Strike as workers take control of the city for a week. Crime drops dramatically.

Began in response to government sanctioned wage cuts. Sees the formation of a workers, soldiers & sailors council. Succumbs to bureaucratic labor union intervention as the latter scramble to seize control.

It is this sort of 'wildcat' activism which leads the Postmaster General, in the 30s, to refer to the US as being comprised of these

"47 states & the Soviet of Washington".

[2- 11 -1919] -- Seattle General Strike ends.

[4- 28 -1919] -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Seattle mayor Hanson gets a bomb in the mail. Hizzoner declares the government should "buck up & hang or incarcerate for life all the anarchists." This was one of 36 aforesaid bombs which turn up in the mails across the nation.

[8- 28 -1919] -- Seattle mayor demands,

"Hang or incarcerate all anarchists for life."

[11- 18 -1919] -- Seattle printers refuse to print anti-labor ad in newspaper.

[1- 16 -1920] -- 18th Amendment, prohibition, goes into effect; Drink Anniversary; it doesn't rain again in Seattle until 1933, when the dry act is repealed.

[10- 26 -1922] -- Scott Greer (1922-1996), social scientist with the soul of a poet, lives, Sweetwater, Texass.
Published a literary magazine, "Crescendo: A Laboratory for Young America" which he types, edits & publishes from a garage behind his parent's home (1941-44). He publishes works by such major authors as Octavio Paz, John Gould Fletcher & Henry Miller. Worked as a postal carrier in Seattle & lived on a houseboat in Seattle. A conscientious objector during WWII. Friends with labor leader & poet Jack Lyons.

[11- 3 -1922] -- Milton T. Stapp (older brother of Stan) publishes the first issue of the Outlook newspaper. Its name then was "Your Community Shopping News" & contained only ads. He soon was producing four editions every week, covering these Seattle areas: Wallingford, Meridian, East 45th Street, & 23rd & East Union.

[6- 19 -1923] -- The "Seattle Times" fires reporter E.B. White, 24; White goes on to gain fame as an essayist & children's book author.

[1- 21 -1924] -- Russia: Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin, leader of the Bolshevik party, dies of a stroke at 54. Lovingly known as "Major" in George Orwell's Animal Farm.

The statue pictured here, salvaged from the former Czechoslovakia, now resides in Seattle's Fremont District, a few blocks from BleedMeisterDave's home.

"Lenin is not comparable to any revolutionary figure in history. Revolutionaries have had ideals. Lenin has none."

— Peter Kropotkin

(Lenin was reportedly seen alive & photographed in Vilnius, Lithuania, the summer of 1996):
Bottle of wine tipped to the mouth of a Lenin statue; source

[6- 22 -1927] -- Stan Iverson, Seattle anarchist, lives (1927- May 1985).

[11- 11 -1928] -- Seattle's jazz great Ernestine Anderson lives, Houston, Texass. Helps revitalize Seattle jazz scene at Jazz Alley in the 80 & 90s.

[8- 23 -1932] -- The Seattle Library Board fires married women.

[3- 30 -1934] -- Native Rights activist Janet McCloud lives, Tulalip reservation in Washington state.

Descended from the Chief Seattle family. The Tulalip comes from fishing people & their legends are linked to salmon. Salmon to the Tulalip are like corn to the Iroquois, or buffalo to the Sioux. She became a political activist for threatened Native Fishing Rights. Arrested with others others for a 1965 "fish-in" on the Nisqually River, they were all found not guilty in 1969.

[4- 15 -1934] -- Blue Moon Tavern opens, Seattle. Some jokesters insist it opened on April Fools Day.

"Gimme a pigfoot & a bottle of beer..."

"Gimme a reefer & a gang of gin..."

A beloved hangout of poets, the Beat Generation & 60's activists & gave new meaning to the phrase "lit major."

In the late 1980's the Blue Moon was marked for demolition ...saved from the wrecker's ball at the 11th hour by a civic crusade with broad support (one holdout: The Seattle Times). Got official landmark status in 1990.

Home of the famed "Hammered Man" sculpture — which the Seattle Art Museum would shamelessly copy with its own sad version, inSIPidly called "Hammering Man."

[8- 19 -1936] -- Newspaper Guild strike of the Hearst-owned "Seattle Post-Intelligencer," shuts it down for nearly four months.

[8- 8 -1936] -- Congressman Marion Zioncheck commits suicide, Seattle. Made headlines mostly for extracurricular antics (driving on the White House lawn) & drunken escapades (including one late-night frolic in a Washington, D.C. fountain). Zioncheck wrote a farewell note declaring "My only hope in life was to improve the conditions of an unfair economic system." He then leapt from his 5th floor office, his body striking the pavement directly in front of a car occupied by his wife.
Inspires Zioncheck for President: A True Story of Idealism & Madness in American Politics by Phillip Campbell , (& campaign manager for Punk rocker, political activist, & part-time poet Grant Cogswell bid for City Council).

[6- 25 -1940] -- Songster Earl Robinson's "Ballad for Americans" premiers, NY Philharmonic.

"Ballad for Americans" was the theme song at both Republican & Communist Party national conventions in 1940.

Seattle-born activist & musician Earl is remembered for writing some of the labor movement's most famed ballads, including "I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night." (Don't Mourn, Harmonize!) Robinson attended West Seattle High School & the University of Washington.

Robinson's cantatas set the tone for a genre of patriotic composition. His "Ballad for Americans" was first performed on radio in 1939 with the great Paul Robeson as soloist.

See Ballad of an American: The Autobiography of Earl Robinson

[2- 27 -1942] -- Idaho Governor Chase Clark tells a congressional committee in Seattle that Japanese would be welcome in Idaho only if they were in "concentration camps under military guard." Some credit Clark with the conception of what was to become a true scenario.

[2- 27 -1942] -- Seattle School Board accepts the forced resignation of Japanese-American teachers.

[3- 24 -1942] -- The first Civilian Exclusion Order issued by the Army is issued for the Bainbridge Island area near Seattle. The 45 families there are given one week to prepare.

The island's oldest, continuously operating farm — established in 1928 — is owned by 75-year-old Akio Suyematsu, who grows strawberries, pumpkins & Christmas trees.

World War II brought one of the saddest chapters of island history — the nation's first forced evacuation of residents of Japanese ancestry, most of them American citizens. On President Roosevelt's authority the army forced some 240 people, including Suyematsu's family, to leave — mainly for California internment camps. They received a week's notice in March 1942 to dispose of their property.

By the end of October, 108 exclusion orders would be issued, & all Japanese Americans in Military Area No. 1 & the California portion of No. 2 incarcerated.

White American businessmen revel in the new-found booty.

[5- 16 -1942] -- Gordon Hirabayashi challenges Japanese-American exclusion orders, Seattle; he is arrested & his case goes to the US Supreme Court, where he loses.

[5- 29 -1942] -- National Japanese-American Student Relocation Council founded.

Largely organized by quaker leader Clarence E. Pickett, the National Japanese-American Student Relocation Council is formed in Philadelphia with (Seattle's) University of Washington Dean Robert W. O'Brien as director. By war's end, 4,300 Nisei are in college.

[11- 27 -1942] -- Jimi Hendrix, rock guitar wizard, lives, under a bad sign, Seattle.

Jimi playing guitar

[6- 1 -1946] -- Negro pro baseball debuts in Seattle, at Sicks' Stadium; the Seattle Steelheads split a doubleheader against the San Diego Tigers (West Coast Negro Baseball League).

[12- 19 -1946] -- Reenactment of Boston Tea Party in Boston. (Fashionably late?) Glorifies the destruction of property by vandals — who inspire "Eugene anarchists" during WTO protests in Seattle 1999.
See Jesse Walker's "The Broken Blue Line: How to start a riot,"

[2- 6 -1947] -- Seattle restaurateur Ivar Haglund eats pancakes out on the street in the midst of a tank car spill of corn syrup.

[6- 24 -1947] -- Pilot Kenneth Arnold sights flying saucers over Mt. Tahoma, Washington, near Seattle.

[7- 19 -1948] -- The Canwell Committee, a bubbly pot of rightwing witch hunters, opens its University of Washington inquiry in Seattle.

Reminding witnesses "this is a legislative hearing, not a trial," Canwell insisted that rules of cross-examination & admissible evidence did not apply. The Commie-hunters went after Professor Melvin Rader & other liberals.

Tibbets Biz Card

The University of Washington (UW) in Seattle began a national trend by being the first school to fire tenured professors for their political affiliation with the Communist Party (CP), or for their refusal to cooperate with hearings. This set a precedent for the national purge to follow, including McCarthy's House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) which convened a few years later. In all, 80 hearings were held on campuses throughout the country.

— John Ruhland, Recollection Books customer

"Mr. Tibbetts then stated that the committee was investigating communism, that certain professors on the campus are not teaching their subjects but instead teaching communism in their classes.

[10- 25 -1951] -- Seattle Symphony conductor Manuel Rosenthal is fired for living with a woman (French singer Claudine Pillard Verneuil). Don't want to know what they would have done to him if he had been living with a man.

[1- 4 -1952] -- 1,600 subscribers reportedly belong to KPFA in Berkeley, California. first aired April 15, 1949, founded by Lewis Hill, poet, pacifist & journalist. Recently the scene of management attempts to destroy the power of the community & its workers in controlling the station & mainstream it. No unlike KRAB-FM in Seattle, where a management coup resulted in selling the its prime airwave postion, 107.7, for 11 million bucks.

Bill Triest was an early KPFA announcer. His brother, Frank, was also conscientious objector & probably the poet/anarchist Kenneth Rexroth's only close friend. Rexroth was a long-time book reviewer for the station.

Al Partridge was a conscientious objector during the Second World War. He later served as KPFA's manager during the height of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, in 1964 & 1965.

[2- 27 -1952] -- Seattle tests a 135-hp super siren during the Cold War.

[5- 20 -1952] -- Songster Paul Robeson overcomes red-baiters to appear in Seattle Civic Auditorium for a benefit concert for the Civil Rights Congress.

[1- 28 -1954] -- Source=Robert Braunwart Dick's Drive-in begins serving hamburgers, Seattle.

[6- 25 -1956] -- Beatster Jack Kerouac begins job training as a mountain firewatcher in Washington State. From July-September he's alone on Desolation Peak in the Cascade Mountains watching for fires. In September, after 60+ days of solitude Kerouac comes down from the mountain & travels to Seattle. From here he heads to México City, rents a one-room apartment above Bill Garver on Orizaba Street, during September-November, where he completes Tristessa & begins writing Desolation Angels.

[2- 20 -1960] -- Jimi Hendrix's first concert, at Seattle's Garfield High School. BleedMeister attended Ballard High across town at this time. There was not a single black face in Ballard (Little Scandinavia) in those good ol days.

[5- 13 -1961] -- On Stand-by? Police watch while counter-protesters beat pro-Castro "Fair Play for Cuba" demonstrators in downtown Seattle.

[7- 5 -1961] -- Seattle City Council & state legislature announce probes of incidents of local police brutality.

[11- 18 -1961] -- True Adventurism? Seattle Library branches close early because of rowdyism.

[2- 2 -1962] -- Land of the Free U-Haul? University of Washington bans campus speech by Gus Hall, head of Communist Party USA, in Seattle.

[3- 13 -1962] -- Wing Luke becomes the first non-white to be elected to the Seattle City Council, & the highest Asian-American elected official in the continental US.

[6- 1 -1963] -- Supreme Court strikes down a Washington state law requiring loyalty oaths for state employees. Ends an ugly chapter that began with the Canwell Committee in the 40s.

[6- 15 -1963] -- Rev. Mance Jackson leads 1,000 from Mt. Zion Baptist Church to Westlake Mall in Seattle's first civil rights march.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

[7- 1 -1963] -- Samuel McKinney leads 400 marchers from the Central District to downtown Seattle. 35 occupy the mayor's office for 24 hours before being arrested in Seattle's first major civil rights protest.

[7- 25 -1963] -- Police arrest 23 young blacks in a sit-in at Seattle City Council chambers protesting appointment of only two blacks to the city's new Human Rights Commission.

[8- 1 -1963] -- Poet Theodore Roethke dies. Hung out at the Blue Moon Tavern, sucking suds, near Recollection Used Books first location.

          What's madness but nobility of soul
At odds with circumstance? The day's on fire!


And everything comes to One,
As we dance on, dance on, dance on.

— Theodore Roethke

Most of the old gang
is gone. Sol Katz is aging. Who isn't? It's close now
to the end of summer & would you believe it
I've ignored the Blue Moon....

— Richard Hugo, excerpt, "Letter to Kizer from Seattle," Selected Poems

[10- 20 -1963] -- Between 3,000 & 5,000 rally at Seattle's Garfield High School in support of an open housing ordinance for the city.

[10- 19 -1964] -- Seattle CORE announces a campaign to boycott downtown merchants for discriminatory hiring practices.

[2- 3 -1965] -- Interstate 5 freeway opens from Everett to downtown Seattle. Massive traffic jams soon develop into one of the worst gridlocks in the US. "Rush hour" currently begins at 4am & ends at 3:59am.

[12- 16 -1965] -- Long Arm of the Law? In Seattle Juvenile Court, Judge Stanley C. Soderland orders haircuts for three boys accused of burglaries. The young men, two aged 17, one 15, are chastised by the judge, who likens their looks to that of young girls.

"If you think you're being cute with that long hair," bellowed the judge, "you're wrong!

You may think you are showing yourselves as rebels but you just look ridiculous. Why don't you go all the way & wear skirts & paint your faces?"

Did anyone point out the silly dressing gown the judge was wearing?

[2- 24 -1966] -- David Miller & Russel Wills become first Seattle residents to refuse induction into armed forces to protest Vietnam war. Wills is later sentenced to two years in prison for his refusal. Is this the same David Miller who

[3- 31 -1966] -- Two-day boycott of Seattle schools begins, protesting de facto segregation.

[9- 28 -1966] -- Dozens of anti-war demonstrators disrupt address of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Vice President ("Dump the Humph!") Humphrey at Olympic Hotel in Seattle.

[2- 20 -1967] -- Kurt Cobain, of Seattle grunge band Nirvana, lives.

[3- 23 -1967] -- "Helix," Seattle's first underground newspaper, debuts.

Paul Dorpat & associates publish the first edition of "Helix" & readers quickly snap up the first 1,500 copies of the 12-page, multi-colored "counter culture" tabloid.

"Helix" was part of a rapid rise of "underground newspapers" such as "The Berkeley Barb," San Francisco's "Oracle," & New York's "East Village Other." In addition to Dorpat, Tom Robbins (Another Roadside Attraction), Gene Johnston, Ray Collins (illustrator), Bleedster Scott White, & Gary Finholt contributed to this first issue. "Helix" published a total of 125 biweekly & weekly editions before folding June 11, 1970.

See Walt Crowley (a long-time Helix member), Rites of Passage: A Memoir of the Sixties in Seattle.

[4- 12 -1967] -- 1,500 march down the Ave. in Seattle's U-District protesting the Vietnam War.

[7- 2 -1967] -- Burning flag, cover of Seattle magazineFloyd Turner is convicted of flag desecration & sentenced to six months in jail & a $500 fine in Seattle, Wa.

Credible witnesses, including scuptor Richard Beyer & publisher Stan Stapp, testified that Turner was not the culprit, & anarchist Stan Iverson willingly confessed that he had incinerated the flag with another man (later identified as Michael Travers).

Judge Manolides was unpersuaded, declaring that,

"anarchists cannot tell right from wrong & cannot be trusted."

Turner was a young, barely-literate drifter who appeared in Seattle during the 1962 World's Fair. He claimed to have been a Doukhobor, a member of a Russian Christian sect notorious for battles with Canadian authorities & for polygamy, public nudity, & routinely burning their own homes.

Unable to find work, Turner attended a meeting of the Seattle Committee of the Unemployed, which was led by anarchists George & Louise Crowley. The Crowleys took Turner under their wing & he later became a fixture in numerous anti-war & civil rights demonstrations. He made his mark for fearlessly taunting the police & occasionally shedding his clothes during rallies & marches.

[11- 8 -1967] -- 500 University of Washington, in Seattle, students protest against campus visit by recruiters for Dow Chemical, makers of bathroom detergent, Napalm.

[1- 31 -1968] -- A Seattle (Washington) City Council hearing concludes that there are no legal means to curb hippies in the U-District.

[2- 12 -1968] -- A Key Weighs...? Jimi Hendrix returns home to Seattle where he plays for the students of Garfield High School (which he dropped out from), receives a key to the city.

[4- 5 -1968] -- Martin Luther King's assassination provokes riots in Seattle.

[4- 7 -1968] -- 9,000 attend a Seattle memorial for Martin Luther King, Jr., slightly fewer than would attend the April 1994 memorial following the death of Kurt Cobain.

[4- 27 -1968] -- 60,000 march against Vietnam War in New York City; 2,000 march in Seattle.

An antiwar march in Chicago draws 8,000 people. When the march ends, Chicago police order the crowd to disperse, then wade in with clubs. The unofficial Sparling report criticizes the police & the Daley administration.

[5- 20 -1968] -- Black Student Union members occupy President Odegaard's office, University of Washington, in Seattle.

[7- 29 -1968] -- Riots rock Seattle's Central Area after a police raid on the local Black Panther Party headquarters. Seattle BPP leader Aaron Dixon is arrested for possession of a stolen typewriter. (Later acquitted.) 69 are arrested in riots over the following three days.
BleedMeister, a cab driver, gets trapped in late-night mob stoning cars. Another cab gets turned over & set afire.

[7- 31 -1968] -- Seattle police arrest 69 blacks at Garfield High School for failing to disperse. Hizzoner Braman promises mass arrests will continue after racial disturbances in the Central Area.

[10- 3 -1968] -- University of Washington ROTC building torched by anti-war protesters in Seattle. BleedMeister Auntie-Dave was at home in bed, he swears .......

[1- 26 -1969] -- Edwin Pratt, director of Seattle Urban League, is assassinated; police involvement is widely suspected. An arrest is never made in the case.

[2- 26 -1969] -- Minority students occupy President's office at Seattle Central Community College.

[3- 28 -1969] -- China: Anna Louise Strong, former Seattle School Board member & labor organizer during the 1919 Seattle General Strike, dies in Beijing.

[4- 1 -1969] -- First collective anarchist pizza made as Morningtown Pizza & Subs opens in Seattle.

Ace, Carol Anderson, Kirsten Anderberg , Warren Argo, Phil Arnautoff, Al Arnold, Becky, Sandy Blue, Dan Brown, BleedMeister (Dave Brown, aka "Mr. (PH)un"), Steve Coleman, Shawn Crowley, Kevin Cunningham, Dave Dederer (later band member of All the Dead Presidents), Doug Dipple, Paris Fletcher, Lana Hair, Tom Harris (Samot), Gus Hellthaler, Jeffrey Hummel, Stan Iverson, Shana Iverson (like father, like daughter), Celia James, Gregor Jamrock, songster/photographer Jef Jaisun, David Jensen (Kid Carrot), Cathy Kauflin & Bill, Diane Kucera, Sue Letsinger, Jim Logie, Phil McCrudden, Tia Matthias, Steve Minkler, Tom Nast, Claudia Neva, Tom Ninkovitch, Ben, The Pammer, Albert Richards, Kermit Rosen, Cranky John Severin, Tom Strangland, John Turnbow (aka Strongbow), John Webster (who paid himself in advance, he always announced, in case he died [survived Hurrican Katrina!]), Penny Wilson, Tina Wolfe, & Wilma are just a few of the 100+ luniaries who work & play here in its 10+ years — where one case of beer per shift was the limit [imposed]during "working" hours.

[5- 4 -1969] -- Going Nowhere Fast? In Seattle several thousand march in the Arboretum to protest construction of a freeway planned to follow the Lake Washington shoreline throughout Seattle. Partially built ramps remain visible today to commuters sitting in idling cars on freeways.

[5- 26 -1969] -- Seattle police arrest 34 during clashes at Garfield High School & Seattle Central Community College. A few years before BleedMeister's tenure at SCCC, where he became editor of the "City Collegian" (to the chagrin of an adminstration that twice tried to fire him).

[6- 3 -1969] -- Black students stage a sit-in at Franklin High School.

[11- 14 -1969] -- Antiwar Strike! poster3,500 march in Seattle against the Vietnam War.
Vietnam Drop Out button

[12- 1 -1969] -- Black Panthers open the Sidney Miller Free Medical Clinic, Seattle.

[1- 17 -1970] -- Jerry Rubin addresses an overflow Seattle crowd of 4,000 at the University of Washington Student Union Building.

[1- 18 -1970] -- Weathermen Judith Bissell & husband Silas "Trim" Bissell are caught planting an incendiary bomb under the steps of a University of Washington ROTC portable building, in Seattle.

[1- 19 -1970] -- The first organizing meeting of the Seattle Liberation Front (SLF) is convened by Michael Lerner, a professor at the University of Washington.

The group consists primarily of collectives with colorful names such as the "Zapata Collective", the "Hydra Collective," etc. BleedMeister is a participant of another ("For the Time Being").

The SLF also spearheaded sponsorship of the Sky River Rock Festival & Lighter Than Air Fair. BleedMeister was in attendance, rumored to have partaken of an illegal substance (Hey, a guy's gotta eat!).

Professor Michael Lerner is described on an LEIU card as a "Marxist scholar, political activist, leader with Seattle Liberation Front, present at many demonstrations, in Seattle." Duh...go figure...

[2- 17 -1970] -- 76 are arrested & 20 injured in a downtown confrontation between police & an anti-war demonstration organized by the Seattle Liberation Front. Auntie Dave be there. Also Bleedster Bob B.

[2- 17 -1970] -- Dubbed "The Day After," the demonstration is held this afternoon of February 17, in front of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Seattle. SLF leaders soon lost control of some 2,000 protesters, including many teenagers, who pelted the Courthouse & police with paint bombs & rocks. Twenty people are injured & 76 arrested during the melee.

See Walt Crowley's Rites of Passage,

[3- 8 -1970] -- Ft. Lawton police & Native American & other demonstrators clash.

About 70 Native American activists briefly occupy Fort Lawton, in the first invasion of the disused military base, as the federal government negotiates with the city of Seattle over how to use the surplus military land. 13 arrested. The third attempt results in a three month occupation & the eventual handover of some of land for the permanent establishment of the Daybreak Star Cultural Center.

[3- 15 -1970] -- 78 protesters arrested during a second attempt by Native American activists to occupy Fort Lawton, demanding that Seattle give the unused facility back to Native Americans.

[4- 2 -1970] -- Native Americans, including the young activist Leonard Peltier, stage a third attempted occupation of Fort Lawton in an effort to force the city of Seattle to return the land to its original owners. It results, eventually, in Discovery Park, with the Daybreak Star Cultural Center.

[4- 18 -1970] -- Flower Power? 4,000 march in Seattle for peace in Vietnam/SE Asia, escorted by Seattle police officers with daffodils tied to their night sticks.

[5- 1 -1970] -- Nixon calls campus radicals who oppose his policies "bums." Weeks of antiwar protests by buncha bums begin in Seattle.

[5- 5 -1970] -- In response to Kent State killings, protests engulf campuses across United States. The first protest occupation of I-5 Freeway occurs in Seattle as 1,000 U.W. marchers spontaneously seize the freeway. Traffic backs up past Everett (30 miles north). BleedMeister be there, bullhorn & all.

The University of Washington Daily announces that a strike had begun to honor the dead & bring home the living. No more business as usual; it was time to shut the place down & work to end the war. That day, 5,000 students "took the freeway," headed for downtown; next day, 10,000 kids marched from campus to downtown, joined along the way by hundreds of Seattle residents.

On campus, the Strike Coalition takes over the old Physics Annex, & set up a mimeograph machine & a day-care program. Radicals made fitful attempts to barricade campus entrances, occupy buildings & establish a Free University.

KUOW radio was liberated as Radio Free Seattle, & strike organizers demanded an end to war-related research on campus.

[5- 8 -1970] -- Born To Quit?: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Dick M Nixon fires Gen. Lewis Hershey as director of the Selective Service (SS) & agrees to withdraw all US troops from Cambodia within 30 days. More than 250 US State Department employees send a letter to Secretary Rogers criticizing the US invasion of Cambodia; Daniel Ellsberg gives his first antiwar speech, St. Louis; University of Washington in Seattle closes in memory of the Kent State victims.

[5- 17 -1970] -- 100 protesters stage a "die-in" in downtown Seattle to protest shipment through Seattle of Army nerve gas being transported from Okinawa to the Umatilla Army Depot in eastern Oregon.

[5- 18 -1970] -- Black protesters occupy administration offices at Seattle University.

[5- 23 -1970] -- Source=Robert Braunwart Bombings in Seattle cause Pres. Nixon to cancel nerve-gas shipments through Puget Sound; Meanwhile, the first University District Street Fair is held, (-May 24).

[6- 11 -1970] -- The "Helix," Seattle's first underground newspaper, folds.

Paul Dorpat & associates published the first edition of "Helix" & readers quickly snapped up the first 1,500 copies of the 12-page, multi-colored "counter culture" tabloid.

"Helix" grew out of discussions at the Free University of Seattle, an alternative college in the University District, & reflected the rapid rise of "underground newspapers" such as "The Berkeley Barb," San Francisco's "Oracle," & New York's "East Village Other."

In addition to Dorpat, author Tom Robbins (Another Roadside Attraction), Gene Johnston, Ray Collins (illustrator), Bleedster Scott White, & Gary Finholt are contributors to the first issue.

"Helix" published a total of 125 biweekly & weekly editions before folding today.

See former staffer Walt Crowley's Rites of Passage: A Memoir of the Sixties in Seattle (University of Washington, 1995).

[10- 1 -1970] -- Jimi Hendrix buried in Seattle. Mourners include Miles Davis, Johnny Winter, Eric Burdon, & Eric Clapton's group, Derek & the Dominoes.

[10- 6 -1970] -- Gridlock? About 200 bicyclists stage a "bike-in" in downtown Seattle, to protest automobiles.

[10- 31 -1970] -- 2,000 march from Seattle Center to downtown to protest war in Southeast Asia.

[11- 9 -1970] -- Trial of the Seattle 8, Vietnam anti-war protesters, begins.

[2- 9 -1971] -- Protests led by the Oriental Student Union briefly close Seattle Central Community College.

[2- 10 -1971] -- National protests against US invasion of Laos include 1,500 protesters & nine arrests at the University of Washington in Seattle.

[3- 2 -1971] -- Oriental Student Union protesters occupy Seattle Central Community College (Washington State).

[4- 17 -1971] -- Seattle Peace Action Coalition leads an anti-war march of 2,500 from downtown to Seattle Center.

[4- 20 -1971] -- Students march downtown from Seattle's Garfield H.S. to protest shooting of blacks by Seattle police.

[5- 5 -1971] -- Nixon administration arrests the last of 14,000 anti-war protesters in three days. 18 are arrested in Seattle during a 2,000 person anti-war march downtown.

Under White House orders, Washington police arrest so many Vietnam War demonstrators that there isn't enough jail space.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

BleedMeister, College Press Service correspondent & staff member of the US Student Press Association, was there — on the outside looking in. Very spooky stuff.

[5- 7 -1971] -- 45 of those anti-American traitors arrested in downtown Seattle during anti-war protests.

[8- 3 -1971] -- 200 march in Seattle to demand release of federal surplus food supplies to feed the hungry.

[11- 24 -1971] -- Crime Pays: USA: D.B. Cooper jumped from jet in Washington State with $200,000 ransom. Never found. (Owes way over $300,000 in taxes now, but can't be prosecuted).

A passenger listed as "D.B. Cooper" hijacks a plane to Seattle, collects ransom & then parachutes out of the plane somewhere over Southwestern Washington, never to be seen again & becoming an instant folk hero.

After D. B. Cooper hijacked the commercial jet
& parachuted 30,000 feet into the Cascades
where he & his newly acquired money disappeared

we can only assume he lived
because his death would kill the mystery
Our only certainty: D. B. Cooper is not Sasquatch.

— Alexie Sherman, excerpt, "The Sasquatch Poems," The Summer of Black Widows

[Editorial note: Actually he had the pilot stay at 10,000 ft, since he'd left the back door open & nobody can breathe at 30k]

[5- 9 -1972] -- Some 2,000 anti-war protesters march from the University of Washington, near Recollection Books present location, to Seattle's Federal Court House, where they make camp.

[10- 11 -1972] -- Roberto Maestes leads Chicano activists in occupying the abandoned Beacon Hill School, which they propose converting into a Chicano community center, El Centro de la Raza. City eventually cedes the school to them, & the center continues to operate there today.

[11- 2 -1972] -- Asian-American protesters from nearby International District sling mud at the ground-breaking ceremony for a new domed stadium (the Kingdome).

[11- 12 -1972] -- Chicano protesters storm the Seattle City Council after it rejects a lease for a proposed Chicano community center on the unused Beacon Hill School site. The site is later approved as El Centro de la Raza.

[11- 14 -1972] -- Filipino activist Bob Santos leads a multiracial march demanding more federal housing aid in Seattle.

[12- 23 -1972] -- About 350 anti-war protesters march through stores in the downtown Seattle shopping district.

[6- 29 -1973] -- Walter Carr opens the Elliott Bay Bookstore, Pioneer Square.

[7- 30 -1973] -- Grand Opening of Left Bank Books Collective, Seattle. A split off from Red & Black Books Collective (before it opened its doors).

BleedMeister, Stan Iverson, Karen Herold, Barbara Sealy, remain with the R&B; Paul Zilsel & Lynn Thorndycraft left the formative group to start Left Bank, with a more focused anarchist identity & presence rather than the generic "radicalism" of Red & Black. Early Left Bank participants include Bruce Huebel, Jo Maynes, Ruth Sabiers, Mark Kent & others... BleedMeister joins LB in 1978 & remains until 1995.

Both stores celebrate their 25th year in 1998; Red & Black closed in the spring of 1999.

Now online, The Stan Iverson Memorial Library,

[6- 14 -1974] -- A naked man dangles from a small plane that circles the restaurant level of Seattle's Space Needle — a flying streaker.

[2- 18 -1977] -- Fat Tuesday crowds in Pioneer Square turn unruly, according to unruly Seattle police (-Feb. 19).

[8- 26 -1977] -- Over 2,000 women parade from Seattle's Federal Building to Waterfront Park to celebrate "Women's Week" on anniversary of women's suffrage.

[2- 18 -1979] -- Fat Tuesday festival ends in a melee, Seattle (-Feb. 19).

[6- 1 -1979] -- Seattle Supersonics beat Bullets for NBA championship, 4 games to 1. BleedMeisterDave is safely working behind the bar at the Comet Tavern.

[11- 28 -1979] -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Washington State Representative Mike Lowry (DWA) introduces the World War II Japanese-American Human Rights Violations Act (H.R. 5977) into Congress.

This NCJAR sponsored bill is largely based on research done by ex-members of the Seattle JACL chapter. It proposes direct payments of $15,000 per victim plus an additional $15 per day interned. Given the choice between this bill & the JACL supported study commission bill introduced two months earlier, Congress opts for the latter.


[5- 1 -1980] -- Turkey Shoot? Seattle becomes the 1st major US city to legislate a police shooting policy.

[6- 1 -1981] -- Domingo & Viernes, two Filipino longshoreman labor organizers, assassinated in Seattle; the killings are later found to have been ordered by the U.S.-backed Marcos dictatorship.

[2- 18 -1983] -- The Wah Mee Massacre in Seattle is the worst mass-murder in the history of Washington State.

[9- 27 -1983] -- Five members of Puget Sound Women's Peace Camp enter Boeing's Cruise missile production plant in Seattle, leaflet the workers & are arrested.

[10- 21 -1983] -- In first public action of the new Seattle Nonviolent Action Group (SNAG), 12 people blockade Boeing Cruise Missile plant in nearby Kent all day. None are arrested.

[3- 3 -1985] -- Potluck benefit for anarchist Stan Iverson (1927-1985), 2pm at Seattle's Blue Moon Tavern. Stan has terminal cancer & the benefit is to raise funds for him to attend Carl Simonton's seminars in California. Other benefits are held this month at Morningtown restaurant, Left Bank Books & a.k.a. Used Books.

[3- 17 -1985] -- Benefit for anarchist Stan Iverson (1927-1985), at Seattle's Morningtown Pizza & Subs. One of many fund raising efforts to aid Stan in his fight against cancer.

[3- 20 -1985] -- Benefit for anarchist Stan Iverson (1927-1985), at Seattle's Left Bank Books. One of many fund raising efforts to aid Stan in his fight against cancer.

[3- 27 -1985] -- Benefit for anarchist Stan Iverson (1927-1985), at Seattle's a.k.a. Used Books in the University District. One of many fund raising efforts to aid Stan in his fight against cancer.

[5- 1 -1985] -- Stan Iverson, Seattle anarchist, dies (1927-1985). Auntie Dave has established an online page & archive in memoriam.
A youthful Stan Iverson

Very cool, Auntie. For what it's worth the Social Security Death Index lists a STANLEY IVERSON: Residence: 98102 Seattle, King, WA. Born: 22 Jun 1927. Died: May 1985. Might be him, might not.

— Bleedster Paul

More at the Stan Iverson Memorial Archives,

[5- 27 -1986] -- Point-counterpoint debates between John Carlson & Walt Crowley debut on KIRO-TV News, Seattle. Both are sud suckers at the Blue Moon Tavern from time to time.

[4- 28 -1987] -- Benjamin Linder, an American volunteer engineer from Seattle is murdered by U.S.-sponsored Contras (characterized by then-Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Pres. Reagan as "the moral equivalent of our founding fathers") while working on a hydroelectric project in rural Nicaragua. In America we do not call the Contras or any other rightwing terrorists terrorists.

[5- 11 -1989] -- Puget Sound Grocery Workers (Seattle) strike & lockout.

[7- 13 -1989] -- Nurses' local 1199 goes on strike in Seattle area.

[10- 28 -1989] -- Jennifer Campbell, Mark Haggerty, Carlos Garza, & Dennis Strong burn an American flag at a Post Office in Seattle's Capitol Hill district to protest a new federal law making flag desecration illegal.

On June 11, 1990, the Supreme Court struck down the law as unconstitutional (it had ruled in a 1984 Texass case that burning an American flag was protected by the First Amendment). The charges against the four for destruction of goverment property are left intact.

[5- 12 -1990] -- Source=Robert Braunwart Farm workers call for consumer boycott of Mont St. Michel wine, near Seattle.

[9- 5 -1990] -- Greenpeace activists in Seattle chain themselves to a barge carrying chlorine to Alaska.

[12- 8 -1990] -- PeaceWorks Park vigilists present a sunset candlelight memorial at Gas Works on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the death of John Lennon.

This evening, they co-sponsor a panel entitled "What kind of Movement are we trying to build?" Panelists include Saba Mahmood of the Palestine Solidarity Committee, & the anarchist Paul Zilsel of the International Jewish Peace Union, among others.

[1- 13 -1991] -- Seattle's University Baptist Church offers sanctuary to military personnel opposed to the US war with Iraq.

[1- 13 -1991] -- Two fire bombs are thrown at the Seattle federal building & a recruiting station.

[1- 14 -1991] -- An estimated 30,000-60,000 rally at Seattle Central Community College (where Auntie Dave was once editor of the student paper, & the school tried twice to remove him) in Seattle, in vigil & opposition to pending US invasion of Kuwait & Iraq.

Protesters occupy Seattle's Federal Building; University of Washington protesters block I-5 & march downtown to join the Federal Building demonstration. Evergreen State College students lead a demonstration that occupies the Washington state capitol building overnight.

[2- 15 -1991] -- 74 antiwar protesters are arrested at four Seattle locations. Auntie Dave miraculously remains unarrested.

[6- 15 -1991] -- ALF (Animal Libeeration Front) activists burn a furrier supply warehouse, Everett, Washington, near Seattle.

[7- 20 -1991] -- Songster Earl Robinson dies this evening, in a head-on auto collision on Southwest Admiral Way in Seattle.

Ballad for Americans, which premiered at the NY Philharmonic was the theme song at both Republican & Communist Party national conventions in 1940.

Seattle-born activist & musician Earl H. Robinson is remembered for writing some of the labor movement's most famous ballads, including "I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night." (Don't Mourn, Harmonize!) Robinson attended West Seattle High School & the University of Washington.

Robinson's cantatas set the tone for a genre of patriotic composition. Most notable was "Ballad for Americans", first performed on radio in 1939 with the great Paul Robeson as soloist.

See Ballad of an American: The Autobiography of Earl Robinson

His last concerts included the Worker's Heritage Festival at Fort Worden, the observance of Seattle Library's Centennial, & the Seattle Folklife Festival.

[8- 17 -1991] -- Washington Hemp Expo is held, Volunteer Park, Seattle.

[4- 30 -1992] -- University of Washington rally protesting the verdict acquitting Rodney King's assailants marches off campus & downtown via Interstate 5. Two nights of angry disturbances in Seattle result in five injuries & dozens of arrests.

[5- 6 -1992] -- Eric Overmyer play "Dark Rapture" premiers, Empty Space Theatre, on Capitol HIll across the street from the Comet Tavern.

[9- 28 -1992] --
"Hammering Man" sculpture in front of the Seattle Art Museum keels over. Scuttlebutt has him out sucking up suds earlier, at the Blue Moon Tavern, where he got seriously hammered (home of the famed "Hammered Man").

[10- 5 -1992] -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader General Schwarzkopf is splattered with blood at a book signing, just across the lake from Seattle, in Kirkland, Washington.

[7- 7 -1993] -- 27 year-old singer Mia Zapata, a member of the Seattle band The Gits, is strangled. Less than two hours before her body was found, she had spent an evening in her local pub, The Comet Tavern (where BleedMeister once worked), with many friends.

Her killer has never been found.

[In 2003, police believe they have found & arrested her killer; In 2004 he is convicted].

[4- 5 -1994] -- Nirvana lead singer & defacto head of the grunge generation, Kurt Cobain commits suicide by putting a shotgun to his head & pulling the trigger at his Seattle home. He was 27.

[4- 8 -1995] -- 1,000 Jobs With Justice Washington state activists in Bellingham, Tacoma, Olympia, Seattle & Yakima rally against the Republican "Contract With America."

[6- 16 -1995] -- Seattle's Pearl Jam begins a tour without using Ticketmaster. The band accuses the ticket giant of monopolizing the concert ticket industry & determines to use a mail-order ticket service instead.

[6- 27 -1995] -- Two Operation Homestead activists arrested in downtown Seattle, Wa. for occupying the rooftop of a low-income housing building, the Payne Apartments, slated for demolition to make way for a parking lot. They are later acquitted of charges.

[7- 3 -1995] -- Up Your Ashhole?: Courtney Love's request to spread the ashes of late husband Kurt Cobain is rejected by Seattle's Lake View Cemetery, who say they've already got their hands full with people wanting to see Bruce Lee's gravesite.

[8- 20 -1995] -- On two days' notice, hundreds of civil rights activists rally in Seattle, outside a Rainier Club campaign appearance for reactionary presidential candidate Pete Wilson.

[10- 5 -1995] -- In a protest of proposed Medicare & Medicaid cuts, 31 people are arrested for occupying King County Republican Party headquarters in Seattle. Related demonstrations occur in Bellingham, Tacoma, Everett, & Yakima.

[1- 10 -1996] -- 3,000 demonstrate & 12 arrested protesting Newt Gingrich's fundraising visit, Westin Hotel.

[5- 26 -1996] -- Seattle songster Jim Page plays the Speakeasy Cafe (burned out in May 2001 — the cafe, not Page). Staunch supporter of "Real Change" & the StreetLife Art Gallery, Page also led the move to legalize street singing in Seattle when the city government tried to outlaw busking. Jim Page, Busker extraordinaire

Jim Page is acerbic, powerful, poignant, clever & very funny — & can improvise a song in a flash. He reveals the nuances, twists & turns of political & everyday life in songs that are crafted to be engaging, one interesting lyric at a time.

Two songs can be heard online:
Whose World is This
Stranger In Me

Page links:
Interview from "Real Change"'t_we.htm

One of a number of Eco-warrior Minstrels listed at

[7- 15 -1996] -- Jason Sprinkle, whose art project precipitated a bomb scare (parking a truck with the word "bomb" painted on it in Westlake Park), arrested.

DA calls for Death Penalty

[8- 7 -1996] -- Baby GrampsSeattle songster Baby Gramps plays R.O.A.M. Fest August 7-10.

Baby Gramps is an awesome National Steel Guitar player.

"Baby Gramps is talk of the town here & there's been a lot of team pickin'going on. Wild Stuff should be happening from now to Sunday."

Finally, in 2004, Baby Gramps has his own web page!

[8- 17 -1996] -- Greenpeace activists chain themselves to three docked fishing factory trawlers, Seattle.

[9- 4 -1996] -- Scattered protests around the country greet the latest gratuitous US bombing of Iraq. About 100 gather at the Federal Building in Seattle; in Washington DC, eight are arrested for dumping buckets of rubble on the White House lawn.

[9- 10 -1996] -- First weekly issue of the anarchist "Eat the State!" published. Wins accolades from upscale "Seattle Weekly" readers. Go figure.

Eat the State! runs a "Reclaim Our History" calendar based on 5,000 dates/events collected by Geoff Parrish & in 1997 the Daily Bleed, with a similar size collection, exchanges databases, substantially improving each others victuals.

[12- 28 -1996] -- Three arrested at Capitol Hill post office, for refusing to leave after attempting to mail humanitarian supplies to Iraq in defiance of a US-led embargo.

[1- 21 -1997] --
60 protesters with bathrobes, shower caps, & toothbrushes traipse through upscale stores (Nordstrom's & NikeTown) in downtown Seattle, looking for a place to take a shower, in an Eat the State!-inspired protest, drawing attention to City Council plans to kill a proposed downtown public hygiene center for the homeless. Life is short, Throw hard: brick thru a Nike window

[1- 31 -1997] -- Four "Critical Mass" protesters arrested & five police officers "injured" when police attack a peaceful bicycle protest in downtown Seattle.

Critical Mass, started in Frisco in 1992, has spread to other cities since, & claims to have no leaders.

[2- 19 -1997] -- 1,200 rally in support of striking musicians union, forcing cancellation of opening night Disney production of "Beauty & the Beast" at 5th Ave. Theater.

[2- 19 -1997] -- Seattle School District unexpectedly reverses itself after extensive community pressure & drops plans to allow corporate advertising in public schools.

[3- 19 -1997] -- Got Coke? After heated public opposition, Seattle School Board reluctantly votes to rescind a new policy soliciting corporate advertising in schools. Now only CokeHeads can sell coke.

[4- 2 -1997] -- Over 200 citizens show up at a Seattle Department of Energy budget hearing, many in radiation suits & mutant radioactive survivor makeup, & conduct die-ins to protest possible restart of nuclear weapon production at Hanford, Washington.

[4- 12 -1997] -- Ted Joans reads at Recollection Used Books in memoriam to Beat/anarchist poet Allen Ginsberg.

"Well, for all intents & purposes Seattle stiffed at the Sunday AG remembrance. I wasn't at either the Anne Waldman remembrance on Friday in Auburn nor at the Ted Joans reading in the U District on Saturday at Recollection Used Books, but the Blue Moon Tavern was pretty much a ghost town on Sunday. Just goes to show that no matter how much you can try & do with the wonders of email & the net/web with only a few days notice it doesn't guarantee ANYthing. I tried."

— Malcolm Lawrence

[5- 19 -1997] -- "Art & Revolution" anti-corporate procession unexpectedly parades through downtown Seattle with hundreds of dancers, giant puppets, stilt-walkers, street theatre participants & general spectacle.

[6- 27 -1997] -- Speakeasy Cafe, Seattle Hempfest Benefit, with Artis the Spoon Man, songster Jim Page, et al.

Seattle songster Jim Page

[7- 18 -1997] -- Seattle songster Jim Page plays benefit for the anarchist paper, "Eat the State!"
For over 20 years, Jim's blend of music, humor, & political commentary has enchanted audiences. So we were hanging out plotting Seattle's future the other night when legendary folk singer Jim Page walks in & sez, "I wanna do a benefit for you, & I got a friend named Chris Chandler coming to town, & we can do it on July 18."

[8- 6 -1997] -- Fo Pa? Hundreds turn out at Seattle's Pier 90 to protest the first-ever arrival in Elliot Bay, for Seafair festivities, of the Trident nuclear submarine U.S.S. Ohio on Hiroshima Day.

[8- 10 -1997] -- Nine activists detained but not charged after throwing red paint on the Trident nuclear submarine U.S.S. Ohio at Seattle's waterfront.

[10- 4 -1997] -- Demonstrations in Washington, D.C., & across the country (including Seattle) protest the scheduled launch of the space probe Cassini with a plutonium payload.

[12- 17 -1997] -- Blue Moon Tavern forced to move a pool table!

One of the pool tables is moved out of the way because more than 100 people show up for readings by the Deaf Poets Society.

Deaf Poets are signing examples

Seattle Times February 5, 1998

The event, organizers decided, would be a regular gig. It was given the name Deaf Poets Society.

Owner Gus Hellthaler (aka Joe Schmoe) backed them up. The first event was held in December. One of the pool tables had to be moved out of the way because more than 100 people showed up.

[12- 20 -1997] --

I no longer count the pain of coming here, says Govinda-dasa.


Poet Denise Levertov (The Jacob's Ladder) dies in Seattle. The author of more than 20 volumes of poetry — ranging from her first American collection Here & How (1946) to Sands of the Well (1996).

[1- 20 -1998] -- Over 200 citizens show up at a Seattle public hearing, many in radiation suits & mutant radioactive survivor makeup, & conduct die-ins to protest possible restart of nuclear weapon production at Hanford, Washington.

[1- 23 -1998] -- Seattle songster Baby Gramps plays the Ballard Firehouse for the next week...
"He’s entertained everywhere from the streets & medicine shows to Bob Dylan's dressing room. In this day & age, seeing the Seattle based singer-songwriter-guitarist who calls himself Baby Gramps is the closest you’ll ever get to experiencing Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music in person.

He sings in a voice that is somewhere between Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards’s & Blind Willie Johnson’s, & his style evokes long dead pickers such as Charlie Patton & Riley Puckett. He plays with metal finger-picks on a battered National Steel that at last count had four useable frets left on it & an old clamp wrench holding one of the tuning pegs on.

With a long, flowing beard & mannerisms that recall early Popeye, Baby Gramps is something of a national treasure, the final repository of an entire era of pop culture. Gramps draws from thousands of Paleozoic jazz, blues, hillbilly, & pop tunes. He is a genuine eccentric talent, an old-time songster & an incredible entertainer."

— Time Out

[1- 26 -1998] -- Seattle songster Jim Page plays The Wild Duck Brewery in Eugene, Oregon, home to thousands of black-masked anarchists...
Jim Page is acerbic, powerful, poignant, clever & very funny — & can improvise a song in a flash. He reveals the nuances, twists & turns of political & everyday life in songs that are crafted to be engaging, one interesting lyric at a time.

[2- 5 -1998] -- Deaf Poets are signing examples
Seattle Times February 5, 1998

The event, organizers decided, would be a regular gig. It was given the name Deaf Poets Society. Owner Gus Hellthaler (co-owner with two others of the "Three Fools Inc") backed them up. The first event was held in December. One of the pool tables had to be moved out of the way because more than 100 people showed up.

[8- 23 -1998] -- Seattle Hempfest; includes Artis the Spoonman. An estimated 35,000 people, according to the Seattle Police Department, came to Myrtle Edwards Park to display their affection for the ever so popular garden weed. By 2006 the crowds number 150,000 & includes former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper, an advocate for legaization of drugs, calling America's "Drug War" a racket.

poster, Hempfest '98

[10-16-1998] -- US: Abraham Lincoln Brigade Is Honored; More than 60 years after they took up arms against the fascists in Spain, for which Hemingway romanticized them & F.B.I. files blacklisted them, members of the Brigade have finally been given an official monument in this country.

The granite memorial, on the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle, was unveiled on Wednesday, with about 20 of the fast-dwindling brigade veterans - all in their 80's or 90's, many with tears in their eyes - in attendance. The ceremony drew veterans from as far away as New York, who said they hoped the recognition might lead to movements for memorials in other cities.

[3- 31 -1999] -- Second Blue Moon of the year. Celebrated by many as a sign of "The End Times" at the Blue Moon Tavern.

Sorry, We're open!

Hang out for numerous Dead Beats, is the rustic Blue Moon Tavern, whose simple "charm" owes a lot to historical panegyrics & little to the more conventional forms of tavern comfort. The anarchist Stan Iverson, poet Dylan Thomas, gay Allen Ginsberg, Beat Jack Kerouac, author Tom Robbins have all sucked suds at the Blue Moon — & all but Tom are dead.

Not retiring: The historic Blue Moon Tavern, in the University District turns 65 this week, old enough to retire but still going strong. A five-day birthday celebration kicks off today. Fittingly, the festivities begin on the second blue moon of the year.

Gus Hellthaler of Three Fools, owners of the Blue Moon, is promising discounts on draft beer & a weekend of live music. At 3 p.m. tomorrow, the Blue Moon has the April Fools' Day unveiling of the famed 8-foot-tall art object: "Hammered Man" which later inspires the "Hammering Man" now fronting the Seattle Art Museum.

(Hammered Man resembles a work of public art with a similar name. There's one major difference: The Blue Moon's plywood ripoff of "Hammering Man" features the all-important requisite beer belly.)

[4- 1 -1999] -- Loafers Glory, with U. Utah Phillips, labor organizer, IWW Wobbly, anarchist, exquisite bullshitter ("My God! That's Moose Turd Pie...Good, Though!"), songster, hits the airwaves, Pacifica Radio online, 9am Thursdays; some stations, like Seattle's KBCS-FM, tape the program for rebroadcast on a different date & time. [Radio show suspended April 2002 for lack of funding].

[5- 1 -1999] -- Million March for Hemp, Seattle.

[5- 6 -1999] -- Recollection Baldly Used Books receives Links2Go Award as a key resource page for its Seattle Used Bookstore Guide. Our reputation for never having received any Internet awards is an increasingly difficult & untenable position from which we will, nevertheless, hold the line & fight to the last html [— BleedMeister, AuntieAward 1999].

[5- 14 -1999] -- Seattle Spoonster, Artis the Spoonman, plays The Moore Theater with KVHW.
After playing some just amazing music, KVH+H was joined onstage by Pacific Northwest legend Artis The Spoonman... Artis & Alan Hertz started a percussion duet that was utterly & completely insane! Beyond description...
Artis & Jim Page

[6- 3 -1999] -- Animal-rights protesters stage a sit-in at the University of Washington, Seattle.

[8- 22 -1999] -- Hempfest, Seattle. Hempfest '99 poster by James Koehnline

Poster by Bleedster James Koehnline

[8- 24 -1999] -- Free Speech Seattle holds a rally at City Hall Park to coincide with a signature turn-in.

[11- 15 -1999] -- Transit of Mercury visible in North America. Except in Seattle where it always rains & people are covered in moss.

[11- 29 -1999] -- Welcome to Seattle. WTO protests begin.
For a nice collection of images from the WTO protests, see the Stan Iverson Memorial Library Image collection:

[11- 30 -1999] -- WTO (World Trade Organization) meets in Seattle amid massive ongoing protests, cab strikes. The Emperor wears no clothes.

"Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy, rotten system."

— Dorothy Day

"The masters, whether they be priests or kings or capitalists, when they want to exploit you, the first thing they have to do is demoralize you, & they demoralize you very simply by kicking you in the nuts."

Kenneth Rexroth

"There are no limits to creativity. There is no end to subversion."

— Raoul Vaneigem , The Revolution of Everyday Life

cops gassing protesters

November 30th, '99
history walkin' on a tightrope line
big money pullin’ on invisible strings
gettin’ into everything
so deep, it’s hard to believe
it’s in the food & the water & the air you breathe
& the chemistry, the bio-tech
the banker with the bottomless check
the corporations & the CEOs
& the bottom line is, the profit grows
the money talks, you don’t talk back
they don’t like it when you act like that
but didn’t we
shut it down
didn’t we

— Jim Page, Seattle songster, "Didn’t We"'t_we.htm

[12- 1 -1999] -- Illustration: "Police," by R. Cobb
WTO Day Two: World Trade Organization delegates, after a "warm" welcome yesterday in Seattle, ("It was a gas") unable to meet because of protesters, attempt to meet again.
Consumer WhoreLast night a "civil emergency" was declared & a curfew imposed overnite after the facades of several stores (Nike Superstore, The Gap, Starbucks, Radio Shack, et al) are instantly redesigned. Today the downtown area is cordoned off by police, National Guard units brought in. Shoppers flee to the malls. Protests have also occurred around the world as well, including London, Paris, NY & San Francisco.
Brick thru window: Life is Short

[12- 2 -1999] -- WTO Day Three; World Trade Organization delegates meet as the core 50 block area of downtown Seattle is declared off-limits to protesters & most businesses in the area close.
The "civil emergency" declared on the 1st, & a curfew, remain in effect. Over 225 protesters arrested & held overnight & denied access to lawyers or phones as shoppers continue to flee to the malls. For the second night in a row, police & protesters clash in the nearby Capitol Hill area, where many residents are gassed or shot with rubber bullets. Protests continue in other US cities & around the world as well (6,000 in the Philippines).

Eugene button, source

Seattle media begins to blame confrontations & acts of vandalism on Oregon's Eugene anarchists

Geoff Parrish on WTO Five Years After,

[12- 3 -1999] -- WTO Day Four: World Trade Organization delegates meet as the core off-limits area is reduced from a 50 block area of downtown Seattle to 25 blocks.

The "civil emergency" declared on the 1st, & a curfew, remain in effect. Over 600 protesters have now been arrested & most denied access to lawyers or phones as shoppers continue to flee to the malls. Because of lawsuits filed by the ACLU, a judge has ruled protesters must be granted access to lawyers within 8-hours or released. Another lawsuit challenging police civil rights violations in singling out protesters & denying them access to the downtown area result in police banning all shoppers from the area as well. Many businesses have closed, & yesterday the Pike Place Market was closed down. Some small business owners believe the loss of business will put them out of business permanently. However, they have the comfort of knowing that the streets of Seattle are safe for (Global)corporate America & WTO delegates — if not for Seattle citizens.

Meanwhile, the Electrohippies WTO Virtual Sit-in begins today...

[12- 3 -1999] -- Seattle Police Chief Assistant Ed Joiner says he reviewed all the WTO video & media, & no one was bloodied.

[12- 4 -1999] -- WTO, Gas attackWTO meetings conclude — or what's left of it. In the aftermath most citizens seek to lynch the mayor & banish police.

Meanwhile shoppers, not accustomed to having their Shopping Rights violated, continue fleeing to the malls as WTO delegates assure Seattleites the world is a safer & better place for (Global)corporations.

Despite protester's screams of "Free the Elves," Santa assures them they will receive a living wage in the next millennium. He denies "McRudolf Nose Burgers" will be an item on McDonald's menu, & with a radical green salute, shouts, "Save the Trees."
WTO Santa

WTO Riot

WTO Citizens

[12- 5 -1999] -- Seattle, post WTO.

Making the world safe for capitalism

Here we come with our candy & our guns
& our corporate muscle marches in behind us
For freedom's just another word for nothing left to sell
& if you want narcotics we can get you those as well

We help the multi-nationals
When they cry out protect us
The locals scream & shout a bit
But we don't let that affect us
We're here to lend a helping hand
In case they don't elect us
How dare they buy our products
But still they don't respect us

We're making the world safe for capitalism

If you thought the army
Was here protecting people like yourself
I've some news for you
We're here to defend wealth
Away with nuns & bishops
The Good Lord will help those that help themselves
I've some news for you
We're here to defend wealth

We're making the world safe for capitalism

— from Billy Bragg's song, "The Marching Song Of The Covert Battalions"
(& lovingly dedicated to the Seattle Police, working overtime at
the 1999 WTO conference.)

Sent by Karl Keys,
Editor, Capital Defense Weekly

[12- 15 -1999] -- Seattle songster Jim Page plays the Freight & Salvage.

Jim Page is acerbic, powerful, poignant, clever & very funny — & can improvise a song in a flash. He reveals the nuances, twists & turns of political & everyday life in songs that are crafted to be engaging, one interesting lyric at a time.

[12- 17 -1999] -- Welcome mat for WTO. Ya'll come back, here!?! &, yes/no, this photo is/is not the Blue Moon Tavern on Opera Nite!:

WTO street scene

[2- 17 -2000] -- A court rejects Hizzoner Paul Schell's ban on civilian possession of gas masks during the WTO disturbances in Seattle. In 2007 a court fines the city for hundreds of illegal arrests.

[3- 3 -2000] -- Pennies From Heaven? An armored car spills 400,000 pennies on an I-5 freeway off-ramp. Now you know the source of our funding...

[4- 16 -2000] -- Seattle songster Jim Page plays at the A16 Anarchist & Anti-Capitalist Activities in Massive Rally & Non-Violent Protest at the IMF & World Bank in Washington DC.

Jim Page is acerbic, powerful, poignant, clever & very funny — & can improvise a song in a flash. He reveals the nuances, twists & turns of political & everyday life in songs that are crafted to be engaging, one interesting lyric at a time.

[5- 1 -2000] -- Recollection Used Books closes it doors in Seattle's University District, only to re-open in the Greenwood neighborhood. AuntieDave once again buys 100 books, sells one (later in the month). The trend is set. Remains the only used bookstore in the world with a beat up cat for it's logo — & no cats, just those four vicious dogs in-house. Perhaps our hero is slow to get the message.

[6- 9 -2000] -- Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000), whose use of bright colors & bold images to capture the struggles of American blacks made him one of the country's most celebrated painters, dies, Seattle.

A leading painter in chronicling African-American history & urban life. Among his most celebrated works are the historical panels The Life of Toussaint-Louverture & The Life of Harriet Tubman.

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

[6- 22 -2000] -- Seattle historian Murray Morgan (1916-2000) dies.

Best known for his book, Skid Road: An Informal History.

In print almost continually since its publication in 1951, it is considered by many to be the best history of Seattle.

[6- 23 -2000] -- Experience Music Project museum opens, Seattle Center.

[9- 9 -2000] -- Seattle Leonard Peltier Clemency March & Rally, meet at First & Yesler at the Chief Sealth Statue, rally at Steinbreuck Park near the Pike Place Market.

[9- 24 -2000] -- Jubilee 2000 March to forgive the debts of developing nations draws near 1000 supporters.

[11- 21 -2000] -- The Seattle Union Record is launched by the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild as a Web site today, the day about 1,000 workers for The Seattle Times & the Seattle Post-Intelligencer went on strike over wages & other issues.

On Friday, November 24, the first of 18 tabloid print editions was distributed free in & around Seattle. The strike against The Times lasted 49 days; the Post-Intelligencer strike was shorter, lasting 38 days. The Web site ceased covering current news on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2001, & the final print edition of the Union Record appeared Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2001.

[2- 9 -2001] -- Songster Anne Feeney plays Seattle & around British Columbia & the Northwest.

[2- 27 -2001] -- Seattle ACORN workers strike. Seattle area office shut down after employer refuses to recognize Public Interest Workers IU 670 union of the IWW.
Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

[4- 21 -2001] -- FBI Raids Seattle Indy Media Center. Security plans to protect Beloved & Respected Comrade Western leaders attending a trade summit in Quebec were stolen from a car over the weekend & posted, hours later, on a Seattle-based Web site.

FBI agents seized computer-log records & staff & told them "not to talk about" the incident under threat of being held in contempt of court.

The organization violated no US law but the breach of security is another embarrassment for the Canadian government.

Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

[5- 11 -2001] -- Emmett Watson, "Seattle Post-Intelligencer" columnist, dies at 82. Lesser Seattle is Lesser without him.

[5- 21 -2001] -- Center for Urban Horticulture is burned by Earth Liberation Front (ELF), University of Washington in Seattle.

[7- 31 -2001] -- Twin Teepees RestaurantThe 1937 Twin Teepees Restaurant on Aurora Ave., just south of Beth's Cafe, about a half mile from Recollection Fine Used Books, is demolished. Known as the place where Harlan, a young cook, allegedly perfected his fried chicken recipe, & later became known as Colonel Sanders.
[The lot where it formerly stood remains an empty eyesore in 2007; in 2008 new construction stops...progress!...]
Photo by Paul Dorpat

[8- 19 -2001] -- Seattle Hempfest 2001. HemoMeisterRick, turning over a new leaf, swears he'll never coordinate traffic again.
Hempfest '95 posterSunday, August 19 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

FREE! Myrtle Edwards Park, Downtown Seattle

[9- 15 -2001] -- Bark in the Park 2001 at Gasworks Park.

[11- 30 -2001] -- THE PEOPLE'S HOLIDAY - In A Celebration of Art & Action - 3pm-11pm; Second Anniversary of the 1999 WTO Ministerial in Seattle.

[4- 9 -2002] -- Phil Ochs Tribute, Tractor Tavern in Ballard. Includes local musicians such as Baby Gramps, Reggie Garrett.

[11- 1 -2002] -- THE PEOPLE'S HOLIDAY - In A Celebration of Art & Action. Second Anniversary of the 1999 WTO Ministerial in Seattle.

[12- 13 -2002] -- The Seattle Times reports that there is a new "Lady on the Moon" at the Blue Moon Tavern.

Some claim the old one was decrepitated after 10 years. Mike Nease, credited with the new one, says it is keeping with the old one, but more human, her predecessors being "anatomically impossible & rather bizarre."

[Sorry, Mike, Auntie prefers the anatomically impossible. Bizarre is also rather appealing.]

[2- 15 -2003] -- Millions around the world, in over 300 cities, demonstrate in opposition to the American government's agenda to overthrow the government of Iraq. Up to 2 million demonstrate against the Bush-Blair war, London; up to 3 million demonstrate in Roma; 1.3 million in Barcelona, 600,000 in Madrid; up to 500,000, Berlin; 200,000 in Damascus; 200,000 protest in NYC, ringed by police snipers; 30,000 protest in Los Angeles; about 25,000 in Seattle hit the streets. More massive demonstrations are also held tomorrow.
On a very frequent basis, the US is bombing somewhere.

Here's a short boring list of some previous adventures: China 1945-46, Korea & China 1950-51, Guatemala 1954, Indonesia 1958, Cuba 1959-61, Guatemala (again) 1960, Congo 1964, Peru 1965, Laos 1964-73, Vietnam 1961-73, Cambodia 1969-70, Guatemala 1967-69), El Salvador & Nicaragua 1980, Grenada 1983, Lebanon & Syria 1983-84, Libya 1986, Iran 1987, Panama 1989, Iraq & Kuwait 1991, Somalia 1993, Bosnia 1994-95, Sudan 1998, Afghanistan 1998, Yugoslavia 1999, Afghanistan 2001.

"A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death."

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

[3- 15 -2003] -- Hundreds of demonstrations across the nation in opposition to Beloved & Respected Comrade President Bush's relentless pursuit for a war against Iraq. In Seattle, protesters surround the Federal Building. TV news broadcasts later in the day include focus bits on the Singing Grannys (singing!) & long-time anti-authoritarian Robbie Barnes (wrapping the building with "crime scene" tape, anarcho-Christo-fashion).

[3- 16 -2003] -- Protests continue across the nation against Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader George Bush's God-given right to destroy any regime he & his close pal, Cheney-God, dislike. In Seattle, protesters join the folks who do weekly vigils at Green Lake, this time to encircle the lake (3 miles). Look out bikers, joggers, strollers, paddlers, mopers & agawkers!

[6- 2 -2003] -- 1,000 protesters greet LEIU (another rogue alphabet soup secret police resource funded by federal tax dollars) Seattle conference. Prepublicity already caused Tom Ridge, Herr Direktor der Homeland (in)Security, to cancel his appearance. LEIU also removed all of its Internet pages & canceleled a planned golf outing (Exploding Golf Balls?). A little tear gas, pepper spray & rubber bullets by cops who can't control themselves (as usual) liven things up.

[8- 16 -2003] -- Left Bank Books Collective holds its 30th Anniversary party, Richard Hugo House, 6-10pm. Much loud music, multi-media slide show, old photos, newspaper clippings, leaflets, announcments, etc. About 200 current & former LBers attend. Sadly noted by BleedMeister that many are not here, scattered on the winds. A few (present company excepted) dinosaurs look to have aged a bit since the olden early days.

[8- 25 -2003] -- Pony Up? Three days after the Landed Gentry doff their feedbags ($2,000 each) & Beloved & Repected Comrade Bush rides off with 1.2 million buckaroonies for his meagre campaign coffers, the homeless scratch their bellies & the Seattle Public Library lays off its workers & shuts down for one full week in a fine tribute to tax relief for our betters. Something for the McCawCaws to crow about. Bush will come back & do it again in 2004, travel expenses all paid for by American taxpayers.

[5- 1 -2004] -- Recollection Used Books closes it doors in the Greenwood District, only to re-open in the Roosevelt neighborhood, sharing space with Don Glover at Horizon Books. AuntieDave buys 100 books, dreams of selling one some day. Remains the only used bookstore in the world with a beat up cat for it's logo — & no cats, just two vicious dogs, Xena & Jellico (Jelly Bean). Our hero still fails to get the message. May Day indeed!

[5- 14 -2005] -- 2nd annual Art of Resistance (Criminal Beauty) conference, Seattle Washington.
Alternate Art of Resistance poster

[8- 20 -2005] -- Seattle HempFest, largest such gathering worldwide.

[2- 25 -2006] -- A hermit no more, Science Fiction author Octavia Butler (1947-2006) dies, Seattle. African-American woman & lesbian. Winner of Hugo & Nebula awards, & the first sci-fi writer to receive a MacArthur Foundation "genius grant."

[5- 27 -2006] -- Canada: Paul Zilsel (1923-2006) dies.

Theoretical physicist, militant activist, communist, then an anarchist.

In 1973 he co-founded Left Bank Books.

[6- 30 -2006] -- Hells Angels? County law enforcement crack some heads—or at least a bike helmet, in Seattle, Washington.

Detectives wheel two bruised bikers into custody, after a confusing tussle between Critical Mass bicyclists blocking a Belltown intersection & two plainclothes undercover King County cops who were startled when one of the bikers tried prevent their van from driving through 200 bicyclists whizzing through an intersection.

Jumping out to whup on a few bikers, the cops found themselves outnumbered & smartly bespoke themselves:

"Stop! You're under fucking arrest! I'm a fucking cop!"

Critical Mass is a ragtag group of bike messengers, students, anarchists, & families riding to remind drivers, via peaceful civil disobedience, to respect bike riders' rights on the road.

[7- 30 -2006] -- Memorial Gathering for Paul Zilsel (1923-2006). Highly regarded theoretical physicist, one-time Communist, militant anarchist, cofounder Left Bank Books Collective, active in Arab-Jewish peace groups in Israel & the US.

[8- 19 -2006] -- Get Out Yer WeedEater? Seattle HempFest, the largest cannabis policy reform rally on the planet, lights up for a two day smoke party (August 19-20). 150,000 WeedHeads turn out (on?), making this a not-so-run-of-the-mill Garden Show. Former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper, an advocate for legaization of drugs, is among the featured speakers, deriding America's "Drug War" as a racket.

[9- 18 -2006] -- Gene Debs Labor Ensemble readings

Gene Debs Labor Ensemble presents Readings & Songs from: American Working-Class Literature, an Anthology Cafe Allegro, upstairs, 42nd & University Way, in the alley behind Magus Books.


Walter Barbee, John Browne Jr., Gwen, Bill Witherup perform songs from the anthology; Adam Gish reads Langston Hughes
David Brown, of Recollection Books & the online Daily Bleed & Anarchist Encyclopedia, reads anarchist poet Kenneth Patchen ("Orange Bears" & "Joe Hill Listens to the Praying")

Martin Fleck reads "Mother Witherup's Top Secret Cherry Pie" followed by Bill Witherup who reads two of his father poems from Men at Work & the "Baker of Pies" from Down Wind, Down River; Dennis Otterstetter reads "Joe Hill's Last Will & Testament" & Preamble to the Little Red Song Book.
If time permits, Bill performs Debs' "Speech to the Court"

American Working-Class Literature An Anthology (Oxford University, 2006), edited by Nicholas Coles & Janet Zandy

[10- 5 -2006] -- Seattle Police Arrest Two, Crush Anarchist Near-Revolution in Seattle.

[11- 3 -2006] -- anarchist diamond dingbat; new entry, remove 2008First North American Secessionist Convention (November 3-5, 2006). Sponsored by the Middlebury Institute (directed by Kirkpatrick Sale, a scholar, author, technology critic; in attendence is Bleedmeister's No. 1 Trouble-Making-Son, Brandon Letsinger). ... more

[8- 17 -2008] -- 17th annual HempFest (16-17) wraps it up today. 150,000 attend.

[4- 8 -9003] --
Women in Black [Women in Black Standing in Vigil at Westlake Park]

This timeline compiled from the Daily Bleed Calendar, on the occaision of the 2009 Seattle Anarchist Bookfair

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