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All the News That Fits
1 -- All the News That Fits

Matt, Nicole, Nate
2 -- Satan, Matt, Nicole, Nate, productive denizens of London

Stars & Stripes Forever
3 -- Stars & Stripes (Forever)

I'm goin' where the sun keeps shinin'
Through the pourin' rain...

4 -- University, Edinburgh:
University, Edinburgh

 Left Turn Only
Don't Stop Now!!
Turn, turn, turn

5 -- Our Dear, Dear, Bruiser comes of age...

Boogie on the Bridge!
6 -- "today is the last big action i think, and many hundred have gathered at the glasgow space. Its supposedly a 'boogie on the bridge'/streetparty but i don't think the large group will actually make it down there. And no worries, we are very good at not getting arrested hehe. I have to go cause its literally 15 minutes before i have to go, but im glad i was able to send you an email, albeit a short one."

--- Brandon

July 9, more news from Nummer 2 son:

the G8 thing is now over, & we head back to london on monday.

yesterday was a little bit hecktic, but im not in jail!! which is suprising cause we thought we were had several times yesterday.

Basically, since it was the last day there was gonna be a big street party in glasgow to protest a local motorway being built. The convergence center filled up fuller than ive seen it to about 300 people or so. Though the police locked down stirling camp so most people couldn't make it. Then most people left in small groups to meet on the commerce st. bridge, which is where it was being held but as medics we left with the main group of about a hundred or so people. immediately we had a cop car following our march, and after a while a van followed along side. Then we walked past a street with 10 riot vans sitting in parks and we're like, yep, were screwed.

So anyways about 200 police penned us in for about 20 minutes before getting more police and giving us a guided 'escort' which literally meant "no one in, no one out" police box around us while we walked. They actually did take us to the bridge where the others were waiting. So we took the bridge and throughout the day a couple hundred more people showed up, many from stirling.

Then the samba band got a little bit bored and tried to get out the way we came and the police blocked us with 5 lines of police, but the other side there were like 10 police. So we went on the other side and slipped right out, and absolute chaos reigned. We just marched around with no police in our way and traffic at a standstill as we marched through it. but someone made a mistake and we ended up going in a big circle which cost us a lot of time and when we tried going forward again we got surrounded by about 50 police. So basically we were on hot pavement with very hot temperatures with no water. So they held us there for about 2 hours and kept adding more police until they outnumbered us at least 3 to one. Eventually they let in water and gave us a 'escort' to the g8-create space which is a bunch of reclaimed land with a bunch of grass and trees growing on it.

anyways that was my day. But now really the actions are over, so pah!

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