The Cascadian Independence Project is a grass-roots political movement dedicated to building awareness and support for local democracy, global community and the freedom and eventual independence of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. Cascadia is the unique coastal-mountain bioregion between San Francisco and the Alaskan panhandle in which the dominant culture is one of respect and honor for the environment and a strong tradition of democracy and social justice.

By working in our communities around the Pacific Northwest, the Cascadian Independence Project works to strengthen personal freedom and maintain a robust local economy while creating a sustainable society that values and protects our unique ecosystem. America is too big, and our interests are better represented by the people themselves, rather than in a distant seat of power.

The CIP is dedicated to placing the idea of Cascadia into mainstream political thought as a viable solution to contemporary problems. With complete energy independence based on renewable resources and an economy that ranks within the worlds top 20, we are in a unqiue position to fully realize these goals. Aside from having an inter-connected bioregional infrastructure in fishing, forestry, transportation and disaster preparation, Cascadia has the facilities and technical expertise to produce a wide range of state of the art fighter, support and commercial aircraft, as well as being home to some of the worlds leading software, manufacturing and biotechnological industries.

The borders of Cascadia vary, but by some estimates stretch from 42° to 60° north latitude. It's western border consists of the Pacific Coast and a portion of the American state of Alaska. On the east, it borders the American states of Idaho and the Canadian province of Alberta. Cascadia is divided into three prefectures: British Columbia, Oregon and Washington.


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